For those who love breakfast enough to get it inked on, here are some ideas
EC: 17 Amazing Breakfast Tattoos
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Brett Selvitelle

Breakfast only comes once a day (or twice if you’re lucky), which just isn’t enough for the hardcore breakfast fanatics out there. If only there was a way to constantly commemorate it, to have it with you wherever you go,almost as if it was, I don’t know, inked into your skin. As my mom said when I told her about my first tattoo, “…OK!” If you can eat it, you can ink it, I always say. Not really, butI might start, since a quick look through Instagram reveals that people are sporting all sorts of breakfast-inspired designs. Here’s a list of some of the cutest breakfast tattoos out there.


Whether you’re treating yourself a la Leslie Knope or just having a regular morning, waffles are always the right choice. Belgian, Eggo, or Stroop? Well that’s up to you.


Speaking of syrupy goodness, pancakes, or The Flat Waffles (TM),also deserve some love. You can keep it cute and simple or go all out—which also happens to be the ultimate breakfast dilemma.


If we’re being real, you can get bacon on anything these days,but only true fans will put it on their skin.


Shout out to eggs, the real MVPs of breakfast. There’s no wrong reason to get an egg tattoo.


If I had to choose a muffin tattoo, it would just be straight text of “Top of the muffin to you!!!” of Seinfeld fame, but these are nice as well.


Toast is so little and cute and small! But you could get some big whopping crazy toast tattooed as well! Live your truth!

Orange Juice

I cannot condone the above sentiments since I hate pulp with the fiery passion of the Florida sun, but I respect their candor.


Cereal is the perfect tattoo subject because you can get anything from a single piece to a full bowl, to a full-on homage to the mascots.


Can’t decide? Why not all the things?