Rappers love stacking dough, after all
EC: 13 Rap Songs About Breakfast
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Breakfast is a fertile subject for rappers looking for inspiration, and there are dozens of rap songs about breakfast out there. Somewhat surprisingly, rappers love breakfast, though once you start thinking about it, it starts to make a lot of sense. There’s a lot of crossover between classic hip-hop tropes and breakfast staples, and once you notice the connection, it can't be unseen. Stacks of dough could be pancakes or crisp hundreds. Syrup is just as likely to be codeine as maple. Anything milky is, well, pretty self-explanatory. The potential for wordplay is endless, but it still takes a certain level of lyrical skill to play with these culinary couplings and make it work.

There’s a long tradition of rappers name-dropping their favorite breakfast foods from Cap’n Crunch to turkey bacon in their lyrics. Rick Ross loves breakfast, once even rapping about eating leftover lobster bisque in the morning, and while R. Kelly might’ve hit up the hotel lobby after the after-party back in 2003, these days, Atlanta’s finest are more likely to go Waffle House after the club. But it takes a special kind of MC to write a whole song about breakfast, so here are 13 rappers who were up to the challenge (and a playlist to guide you along).

“Breakfast (Syrup)” – Kreayshawn feat. 2 Chainz

“Got that juice, cheese, bread, breakfast, / stackin’ dough, / I got all the syrup”

Kreayshawn knows how to have fun for breakfast.

“Waffle House” – Andre Nickatina

“About 3 a.m. b*tch meet me at the Waffle House / and if you show up then b*tch I know you're gettin' down”

For Andre Nickatina, there’s no better place to meet a booty call at 3 a.m. than the Waffle House.

“Breakfast” – Chiddy Bang

“Hey, yo, the flow is okay / and I'm serving up breakfast, you know it goes with OJ”

Chiddy Bang’s flow is just as important as the first meal of the day.

“Milky Cereal” – LL Cool J

“But we had to be quiet, cause her Corn Pops was home. / Kissed her neck, kissed her back, kissed her arms / I said, ‘Forget it, let me see your Lucky Charms’”

LL Cool J’s conquests are all, conveniently, named after breakfast cereals, and he name-drops everything from Cheerios to Froot Loops.

“Waffle House” – Travis Porter feat. Waka Flocka Flame

“Breakfast at the Waffle House, / 20 sausage biscuits. / Hold on, ‘scuse me, ma'am, what come on a sausage biscuit?”

This joyous romp of a song celebrates the late-night Waffle House run, and the music video, which was filmed at a real Waffle House, is apparently based on a true story, according to the YouTube description.

“Cereal Killer” – Geto Boys

“Once upon a time at the Honeycomb Hideout / Sugar Bear and Mikey sat alone gettin fried out”

Even though this track takes place at the Honeycomb Hideout with the mascots from Golden Crisp and Life cereals, it tells the story of a, well, serial cereal killer.

“Breakfast Club” – Z-Trip

“Ooh, I love eatin' cereal / when I'm watchin' my cartoons. / Ooh, I love Fruity Pebbles”

This song is all about that happiness you felt as a kid, eating sugary cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons, and an important reminder from MURS that hip-hop shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Breakfast” – Gucci Mane feat. Waka Flocka Flame, Peewee Longway

“A pint of lean for breakfast, / I got collard greens for breakfast”

This song about breakfast is less about breakfast foods than doing a lot of drugs for breakfast, but that’s just how Gucci Mane rolls. Sometimes literally.

“Breakfast Cereal” – DJ Yoda feat. Biz Markie

“Forget eating lunch; I like to munch / on a stupid big bowl of Captain Crunch. / Whether it's Peanut Butter Crunch, Berries or Regular, / feels real good going past my jugular”

Biz Markie likes cereal. You like cereal. No matter who you are, we all like cereal, especially with this song.

“Chicken N Wafflez” – Dem Waffle Houze Boiz

“This chicken is great, some waffles is grand / Put them together, ain't no better meal in the land”

When Dem Waffle Houze Boiz rap about syrup, they mean the maple kind, poured over their chicken and waffles and into their coffee.

“Pancakes” – Gucci Mane feat. Waka Flocka Flame, 8Ball

“Patty cake, patty cake, I hop around with pancakes / I touched down with hash browns and serve 'em with the pancakes”

Gucci Mane is back at it again with the breakfast foods. This time, pancakes. (Also, shout out to Rell Brodie for this illustration because it's exactly how I imagine Gucci eats pancakes every morning.)

“Ham ‘N’ Eggs” – A Tribe Called Quest

“I don't eat no ham n' eggs, cuz they're high in cholesterol”

This surprisingly health-conscious song from A Tribe Called Quest is all about food.

“Grits” – The Roots

“You can add some groovy spices, to give it extra, / but my advice is to first let it simmer. / Hot, if it's hot then let the pot sit and cool, / ’cause if you spill your milk, we label you beginner”

The Roots take their grits seriously, even giving some cooking tips in this song so you know how to make them perfectly every time.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder