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Go above and beyond the store-bought spiral ham

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

Even if Easter doesn't hold any religious meaning for your family, you might still indulge in bunny-shaped chocolate and Marshmallow Peeps. You may have even dyed eggs. If nothing else, Easter is an excuse to throw a brunch party for all your friends. But finding the perfect brunch recipes is crucial, regardless of whether it’s an “Easter brunch.” Typically, Easter recipes tend to showcase pastel colors, tons of fresh produce, and a protein like lamb.

Rather than the typical Easter brunch ideas, like cakes in the shape of bunnies, store-bought spiral ham, and simple scrambled eggs, we recommend stepping outside the box with flavorful options like lemon ricotta pancakes, peaches and cream French toast casserole, and Girl Scout Cookie coffee cake. It’s finally spring—after such a long, brutal winter we implore you to celebrate it. So, to make your life a little simpler, we threw together a list of our favorite brunch recipes that are good for a crowd.

Girl Scout Cookie Coffee Cake

As we all know, Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing. Here’s an idea: Instead of hoarding six boxes of Samoas and promising yourself that you’ll start eating better when you run out, share them with your friends at brunch. Plus, you know you have those emergency reserve boxes of Thin Mints stashed where no one will find them.

Bacon Lattice Pie

We just assumed that you will be making loads of bacon for Easter because brunch is essentially incomplete without bacon, or at least some kind of breakfast meat. But if you forgot that step, then quickly run to the store and cover a quiche or a frittata, or literally anything, in this bacon lattice that tastes even better than it looks.

IHOP Omelets 

A while ago, someone leaked IHOP’s secret ingredient that makes their omelets so fluffy and delicious: pancake mix. But to make an IHOP omelet, you first have to make IHOP pancakes. You’re welcome.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Lemon ricotta pancakes sound like some fancy, next-level stuff, and they are, but they are also super easy to whip together. And everyone will think you are a brunch god/goddess. 

Eggs Benedict Totchos 

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, and again until we're blue in the face. There is literally nothing better than an excuse to eat fried potatoes for breakfast. We covered tater tots in hollandaise and poached eggs so that you could serve elevated fried potatoes to all of your friends. 

Silver Dollar Corn Cakes 

Silver dollar pancakes of any sort are excellent for a brunch party because they’re almost like an optical illusion for your stomach—a.k.a. you don’t have to make as many as big pancakes. Especially when you layer them with rich mascarpone and berries.  

Creme Brulee French Toast

Dessert for breakfast. That’s all we need to say.

Strawberry Granola Waffles

Waffles are one of the easiest things to make for brunch because you just get an assembly line going and then before you know it, you have enough waffles for everyone. But instead of taking the easy route, surprise everyone with a little crunch by throwing your favorite granola into the mix. Literally.

Peaches and Cream French Toast Casserole 

The best thing about this French toast is the peaches. The next best thing is that you can prepare it the night before and sleep in just a little bit longer.

Breakfast Mac N Cheese

We believe that all things are made better by eggs and their yolk-y goodness, and mac n cheese is no exception—especially when tater tots are involved.

Brown Sugar Banana French Toast Casserole

Everyone loves banana pancakes. Unclear whether or not that came before Jack Johnson made them famous, but the same principle applies to French toast. Also, it’s doused in caramel.

Cranberry Orange French Toast Casserole 

Something about the zesty flavor in citrus makes everything feel lighter and brighter, and since that’s what spring is all about, this overnight casserole is exactly what you want to be eating while the birds are chirping. Bonus: It’s super easy.

One-Pan Egg and Turkey Skillet 

If, for some misguided reason, you are under the impression that brunch should be healthy, or you ran out of sausage (also a breakfast sin), this healthy skillet is easy and delivers taste with minimal dietary damage. 

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