Gothic Charm School's Jillian Venters knows how to fuel up for the spookiest night of the year
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EC: 12 Frightfully Fabulous Halloween Breakfasts
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"Halloween breakfast? Who cares? Halloween is about candy. Everyone knows that." But no! Experienced Halloween folks know that you can't get your haunt on without a nourishing breakfast. Sure, you could try to last all day on handfuls of fun-sized candy bars, but that way lies burnout. Who wants to wake up from their mid-afternoon disco nap to discover they've slept right past the witching hour in a sugar shock haze? You could go with your regular breakfast and save the spooky stuff for the rest of the day and night, but why? It's the spookiest day of the year! So break out the bat and pumpkin spatulas, maybe grab some skull pancake molds, and make sure your morning is filled to the rafters with ghosts and goblins and pumpkins. (Pro tip: eat your Halloween breakfast and clean up before you apply any SFX makeup. It's hard to apply the contouring of the undead when you literally have egg on your face.)

Listed in order of Well that's obvious! to Hey, I hadn't thought of that!, here are my suggestions for Halloween breakfasts:

General Mills monster cereals: It's the one time of year you can find them in grocery stores, so take advantage of it. Just make sure you have some protein-heavy snacks on hand for later, because Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, and Frankenberry aren't exactly the most nutritionally balanced things to start your day with.

Halloween-shaped pancakes: You can use some of the aforementioned pancake molds, "paint" the batter onto the pan in layers (some of the tutorials out there are jaw-dropping), or cook the pancakes, and then use cookie cutters to make the appropriate shapes. While you're at it, give the bats and ghosts some chocolate chips for eyes.

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Monster avocado toast, with olive eyeballs and roasted red peppers for streaks of blood and mouths.

Mummy French toast stuffed with raspberry jam, with layered stripes of whipped cream and blueberry eyes.

Deviled eggs, with caper eyes. To land them solidly in the "trick" category, make them with ghost peppers. Spooky AND spicy!

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Pumpkin pie—it's not just for day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast. (It is, in fact, almost a perfect Halloween breakfast food, what with the eggs, heavy cream, pumpkin spice blend, and the guts of jack o' lanterns.)

If you prefer savory flavors, there's also pumpkin quiche. It doesn't have pumpkin spice, but it does have bacon!

Eggs Benedict with pesto hollandaise to give it that oozing monster guts look.

Roasted garlic omelets, for those folks who want to ward off vampires.

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A full British fry-up, including the black pudding. For the folks who want to lure the vampires to them.

Roasted turnips with fried eggs, because someone always reads articles about how the original jack o' lanterns were carved turnips, but they never stop to think about how much work carving a turnip is. Save yourself the hassle, and roast the extras with some olive oil and salt. Salt will help keep the bad spirits away, obviously. #KitchenWitchery

And finally, in the "obvious suggestion is obvious" category: a bloody mary. Stand in front of a mirror while holding the glass, say "bloody mary" three times, and maybe a helpful (and not at all vengeful) spirit will mix you a refill.