Where fast-food breakfast is more than an Egg McMuffin
EC: 11 McDonald’s Breakfast Items from Around the World
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Fast-food fans totally lost it when McDonald’s introduced all-day breakfast in the United States, but being able to grab an Egg McMuffin anytime is kind of boring when compared to picking a breakfast from the huge selection of McDonald’s breakfast items from around the world. It’s no secret that McDonald’s offers up different dishes in different countries, catered to regional tastes and cultural preferences, and there are lots of different burgers you simply can’t get in American McDonald’s. What’s less known and celebrated are the international breakfast items at McDonald’s, most of which are fast food takes on traditional breakfasts from dozens of different cultures. There are also international adaptations of McDonald’s classics, like the Egg McMuffin, hash browns, or hotcakes. It’s the same basic idea but with slightly different ingredients.

It sounds counterintuitive, but you can get a good sense for a country’s signature dishes and flavors when you look at the menu of a McDonald’s abroad, though you can almost always get an Egg McMuffin too, if that’s more your speed. But if you are going to be thousands of miles away from home anyway, you might as well try one of these these 11 McDonald’s breakfasts from around the globe.

English Brekkie Wrap (Australia)

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Australian McDonald’s, lovingly known as Macca’s, offers an English Brekkie Wrap, complete with scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, and bacon. It wouldn’t be a proper Australian breakfast without Vegemite, however; fortunately, you can get the spread with English muffins.

Queijo Quente Do Chef (Brazil)

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Queijo Quente Do Chef loosely translates to “Hot Chef Cheese” in English, and in all fairness describes this Brazilian breakfast offering pretty accurately. It’s cream cheese, melted emmental, tomato, and oregano smashed and melted between a soft hamburger bun.

Halloumi Muffin (Saudi Arabia)

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Halloumi is a kind of unbrined cheese that’s common in Middle Eastern cooking, so the Halloumi Muffin is Saudi Arabia’s vegetarian and halal take on the traditional Egg McMuffin.

Veg Supreme McMuffin (India)

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Indian cuisine is overwhelmingly vegetarian, so McDonald’s in India has adapted, removing beef entirely from the menu. So instead of an Egg McMuffin, folks can get a Veg Supreme McMuffin, which includes a veggie patty made of spinach and corn and spiced with mint mayonnaise.

Georgie Pie Bacon ‘N’ Egg (New Zealand)

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Georgie Pie is a uniquely New Zealand brand, opened in the 1977 to compete with big American fast food chains with its square mincemeat pies, only to be bought by McDonald’s in the mid-1990s. These days, McDonald’s is continuing the legacy left behind with its breakfast Georgie Pie Bacon ‘N’ Egg: bacon and scrambled eggs baked into a pie crust that’s available all day long.

Bubur Ayam McD (Malaysia)

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Porridge with chicken, called bubur ayam, is a Malaysian breakfast staple, so McDonald’s has created its own bubur ayam McD for Malaysian customers. The rice porridge is topped with slices of chicken, along with “spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chilies,” according to the country website.

Tentación Ibérica (Spain)

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The Tentación Ibérica, or Iberian temptation, is a fairly simple breakfast sandwich that really makes the most of the finest of Spanish temptresses: ham. It’s prosciutto and tomato slices, drizzled with olive oil, on crunchy bread.

Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta (Hong Kong)

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If you live in the United States, chances are you’re not used to seeing pasta on the menu at McDonald’s, let alone pasta for breakfast. But in Hong Kong, you can get a bowl of Twisty Pasta topped with sausage and egg in either a chicken or tonkatsu broth.

McFalafel (Egypt)

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The McFalafel is offered at breakfast in Egypt, complete with three pieces of falafel, Tahini sauce, and all the fixings, wrapped up in a tortilla.

Pancakes with Syrup and Nutella (The Netherlands)

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The Netherlands are known for their pancakes and waffles, so it makes sense that McDonald’s would have special pancakes for the Dutch, served with syrup and Nutella. These definitely aren’t your regular hotcakes.

McDonald’s Pork Porridge (Thailand)

Rice porridge, also called jok, is a common Thai breakfast, often served with pork and fish sauce. It should come as no surprise, then, that McDonald’s in Thailand makes a pork porridge, with shredded meat on top.

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