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EC: 11 Insane Breakfast Eating Challenges That You Can Try, Too
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There's a sizable difference between eating a big breakfast in the morning and taking on a big breakfast eating challenge. When you decide to take on one of these breakfast eating competitions, you're no longer a diner. You're a competitor, faced with platters of food that weigh several pounds, loaded with stacks of toast and pancakes and bacon and eggs piled sky-high that can contain thousands of calories. It's enough breakfast food to last any human a week, but the challenger is expected to eat it all in less than an hour—sometimes in as few as 15 minutes. The only thing more insane than these breakfast food challenges themselves might be that you can find them all over the world.

The beauty of these eating challenges is that anyone can give them a shot because they're available at regular restaurants. It's not like Nathan's annual Hot Dog Eating Contest for which you have to qualify. You can just show up and order and dig in until you feel like you're going to puke.

But if you don't want to puke, then having a bit of knowledge from an expert can make all of the difference. So with the help of the map of food challenges curated on by professional eater Randy Santel, who has tackled many of these feats of strength himself, here are 11 of the most insane breakfast eating challenges from around the world.

Mo’s Family Ultimate Breakfast Challenge — Oakville, Canada

Mo's Family Restaurant in Oakville, Ontario, a Toronto suburb, serves breakfast all day, which includes its Ultimate Breakfast Challenge. It's a smattering of basically every breakfast food you can imagine, served up on a giant metal platter: three eggs, three giant pancakes, three slices of French toast, three sausages, three slices of bacon, three slices of ham, three orders of hash browns, and your choice of 20 ounces of coffee or 10 ounces of juice. According to the menu, finish the whole platter on your own, and the $25 dish is on the house.

The Big Teplitzky’s Breakfast Challenge — Atlantic City, NJ

Teplitzky's is an old school-style diner located in the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, so it's no surprise that the Big Teplitzsky's Breakfast Challenge comes with a Jersey twist. This $30, four-pound plate of food includes four pancakes, four slices of French, six eggs, six slices of bacon, six pieces of turkey sausage, and six pieces of pork roll.

Corner Cafe's Monster Mega Breakfast Challenge — Portishead, England

Corner Cafe in Portishead, England serves up a six-pound Monster Mega Breakfast Challenge. It's a giant English breakfast with all the fixings of 59 items that, according to the challenge description on Food Challenges, challengers must finish in an hour, "along with a pint of milkshake or can of energy drink," which seems like an aggressive move, either way. You don't get a free meal if you win, but for only £15 for all that food, it's not a bad deal.

Mac 24/7’s Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge — Waikiki Beach, HI

At Mac 24/7 on Hawaii's famed Waikiki Beach, folks who take on the Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge have 90 minutes to finish three 14-inch pancakes, topped with blueberries or the fruit of their choice, and all the butter they want.

Lumpy’s Intimidator Breakfast Challenge — Antioch, CA

The Intimidator Breakfast Challenge at Lumpy's Diner in Antioch, California, comes in at six pounds, and it's definitely a heavy meal. According to the menu, the challenger has an hour to eat hash browns, six eggs with cheddar cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, a hot link, a linguica pork sausage, a beef patty, a chicken-fried steak, and two biscuits smothered with gravy. That's a lot of breakfast.

Harry’s Breakfast Challenge — Bristol, England

Harry's Cafe in Bristol, England is actually located inside a motorcycle shop called Fowler's, but it serves up a mean breakfast challenge meant for bikers. Harry's Breakfast Challenge is six pounds of English breakfast to be eaten in under an hour, but it still takes out the occasional biker.

Stacks & Yolks’ Get Stacked, Get Yolked Pancake Challenge — Las Vegas, NV

Ten pancakes and ten scrambled eggs make up the Get Stacked, Get Yolked Challenge at Stacks and Yolks in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although it sounds simple, this eight-pound food challenge is one of the hardest around.

The Bailey’s Cafe Breakfast Challenge — Barnsley, England

Baileys Cafe in Barnsley, England is tucked into the second floor of the Barnsley Market Hall. It serves up an immense eight-pound English breakfast challenge, complete with ten eggs, a pound of mushrooms, ten sausages, ten rashers of bacon, six black puddings, six hash browns, ten slices of toast, and boatloads of beans and tomatoes.

Skippers Cafe’s Kraken Ultimate Breakfast Challenge — Whitby, England

Skippers Cafe is located in Whitby, England. It serves up the Kraken Ultimate Breakfast Challenge. You can take on the 16 strips of bacon, 16 sausages, 16 hash brows, six fried eggs, six scrambled eggs, six black pudding, six portions of tomatoes, six portions of beans, six portions of mushrooms, six pieces of toast, six pieces of fried bread, six slices of bread and butter, and two sides of fries. You can dive in as an individual, or take it on as a team—which seems infinitely more sane.

The Seiad Cafe Pancake Challenge — Seiad Valley, CA

Seiad Cafe in Seiad Valley, California, is located along the Pacific Crest Trail, so their eight-pound Pancake Challenge is regularly tackled by hikers passing through.

Jesters’ Kidz Breakfast Challenge — Lowestoft, England

The Kidz Breakfast Challenge at Jesters Diner in Lowestoft, England has become stuff of breakfast challenge legends. This nine-pound platter includes an eight egg omelet with cheese and potatoes, 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, six fried eggs, four hash browns, four black pudding, four slices of toast, four slices of bread and butter, four slices of fried bread, sautéed potatoes, tomatoes, and, of course, beans. Challengers have an hour to finish, which sounds like an impossible task—although one man, Robert Pinto, polished it off in just 26 minutes. Guess it's time to start training!

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