Shiny pieces of flair honoring the only meal that matters
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EC: 11 Breakfast Pins You'll Want to Wear Forever
Credit: Photo courtesy of @valleycruisepress via Instagram

The recent comeback of enamel pins shows no sign of slowing down. These colorful pieces of metal are inexpensive, collectible, and can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire. Food enamel pins are some of the most popular designs out there, making it easy to spruce up any piece of clothing with enamel pins for breakfast lovers. Food-inspired accessories and clothing aren't new to the world of style, of course. A Japanese company sells fake food accessories you can wear (including some you can wear on your head), like slices of fatty bacon and sugary doughnuts. And food tattoos have remained popular––serious breakfast lovers have inked themselves with breakfast tattoos, and even more specifically, coffee tattoos.

Though breakfast pins are less of a lifetime investment than tattoos, they're still a cute fashion statement. Generally, enamel pins are used to embellish a denim or leather jacket, or attached to a bag or backpack. And much like an empty plate on a Sunday morning, that very piece of clothing or accessory can be home to your personalized assortment of fixings and favorites. Start by replacing the heart on your sleeve with one of these tributes to your favorite meal.

Bowl of Cereal

Honor the easiest breakfast in existence with this colorful pin by Greenwich Letterpress. (Scout, $14.95)


As one of the most versatile foods out there, the avocado has become the rockstar of breakfast. And thanks to this charming creation by Punky Pins, you can show off your super fan status. (Gimme Flair, $9)


It goes without saying that eggs are the highlight of breakfast. With this pin, it can also be the highlight of your outfit. (Georgia Perry, $20)


These croissants wearing sunglasses prove that they really are some of the coolest pastries out there. (Valley Cruise Press, $10)


Sweeten things up with this vibrant pin by Tuesday Bassen. (Tuesday Bassen, $10)


Liven up your most boring outfits (and mornings) with this humorous creation by Gangster Doodles. (Valley Cruise Press, $8)

French Press

Coffee enthusiasts and wannabe baristas will be all about this French press pin. (The Mayven, $9)

Iced Coffee

By embellishing your clothes with this design by Sugar Luxe Shop, you can display your love for coffee with a side of sass. (Sugar Luxe Shop, $12)


From pancakes to denim jackets, strawberries go well with absolutely everything. (Tuesday Bassen, $10)

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Bring it back to the basics with this classic peanut butter and jelly pin set by Pintrill. (Urban Outfitters, $20)

Eggs with Toast

If your eggs seem to be lonely without a side of carbs, this pin is for you. (Heather Buchanan, $9)