There's more to pancakes than tree sap
EC: 10 Things to Put on Pancakes That Aren't Maple Syrup
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Some breakfast food pairings are so classic, they just roll off your tongue without a second thought—like pancakes and syrup. But what if you don’t have maple syrup in your kitchen and you’ve got a hankering for pancakes now? Well, you need a substitute for maple syrup, fast, because there are few things that are sadder to eat than plain pancakes. And fortunately, there are lots of items in your pantry and fridge that will do just fine as a replacement for maple syrup. You might even like these maple syrup alternatives even better than the original, shocking as that might sound to maple syrup purists.

It’s also possible you’re the kind of person who never liked the taste of maple syrup in the first place, maybe because you think it’s too sweet or because you’re not into the viscous texture. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely find a maple syrup alternative on this list that will hit the spot. Or maybe you’re just feeling experimental and want to see what else you can put on pancakes.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve been looking for your next favorite pancake topping, this is the list for you, with ten things to put on pancakes that aren’t plain, old maple syrup.


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If you’re looking for a quick and easy substitution for maple syrup that’s comparable in sweetness and texture, a drizzle of honey will do the trick.


To give your pancakes a bit of a Swedish flair, scoop on a bit of strawberry jam, but really, any flavor of jam, jelly, or even marmalade will be a delicious maple syrup substitute.

Blueberry Syrup

It’s fairly easy to make blueberry syrup at home, though you do need a lot of blueberries. Just cook the berries down in water and sugar until viscous.

Peanut Butter

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Spreading peanut butter on your pancakes is an easy way to add some protein to your breakfast. Throw on some banana slices, and you might even be able to call it a healthy breakfast.


Nutella on your pancakes is a perfect treat for a chocoholic.

Fresh Fruit

You can always just toss some fresh berries or fruit on your stack of pancakes, turning into a vehicle for a low-key fruit salad.

Homemade Compote

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A compote is simply fruit that’s been cooked down in liquid. That can be orange juice or water, depending on your tastes and what you have in your fridge. The best part is that you can make it with whatever fruit you have lying around, from blueberries to pears.


If you’re not familiar with Biscoff, you should stop everything you’re doing immediately and order a jar or two from Amazon. It’s a sweet, sometimes crunchy, cookie spread that tastes like caramel.

Caramel Sauce

Speaking of caramel, if you really want to indulge your sweet tooth, try out some caramel sauce on your stack of pancakes. Store-bought will do just fine, but if you’re feeling ambitious, make your own caramel sauce.

Whipped Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles

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Pancake toppings don’t have to be fancy to be delicious. Whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles make your breakfast look like a rainbow, maple syrup not included.

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