For the budget- and time-conscious (we're looking at you)
EC: 10 Last-Minute Gifts to Get at Trader Joe's Under $10
Credit: Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr

When you're picking up some Trader Joe’s frozen kouign amann for your holiday breakfast needs this weekend, know that you can also fit in some last-minute gift shopping. Trader Joe’s products are the subject of cult worship—and it's likely that there are at least a few people on your holiday shopping list who spread the gospel. If not, you can take this opportunity to introduce them to what could become their new obsession. Remember the first time you had a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup and vowed never to eat the other stuff again? Think about it: you might get something that could change someone’s life (in a totally benign, mostly helpful way, of course).

Aside from the potential to gift someone the snack of a lifetime, doing your holiday shopping at Trader Joe's means you can be thoughtful without spending beyond your means. And anyone who likes you enough to agree to exchange gifts will appreciate the fact that you’re being fiscally responsible as much as they’ll appreciate the gift itself. Below are 10 gifts from Trader Joe’s all for less than $10. In fact, for as little as $3 at Trader Joe's, you can make someone smile this holiday season. Though, of course, there’s no way you’re leaving the store without spending more than that on some gifts for yourself. (Those peanut butter cups, amirite?)

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

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Credit: Photo via Trader Joe's

All of the chocolate snacks at Trader Joe's are great, but these are especially addictive. Get more than one for the college students in your life to last them at least through the new year.

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, $4.49

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter

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Credit: PHoto via Trader joe's

If your chosen recipient already loves Trader Joe's cookie butter, gift her the pumpkin pie spice variety for the holidays. Suggest she swap it out for the pumpkin pie filling in this recipe, and she'll be eternally grateful.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter, $3.69


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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

Trader Joe's is well known for its excellent selection of affordable cheeses. If you're worried about a pungent camembert giving away the surprise, gift this potted blue stilton in an attractive tin they can reuse when the cheese is gone.

Potted Blue Stilton Cheese, $9.99


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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

For the holiday's, Trader Joe's has packaged their most festive coffee blends into four containers designed to brew one pot of coffee each. All blends are made with 100 percent Arabica beans.

Joyous Joe, $7.99

Sparkling Wine

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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

Everyone can appreciate a bottle of sparkling wine. You will appreciate that it costs less than $10.

Trader Joe's Reserve North Coast Brut, $9.99

Blackberry Spritzer

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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

But, if you know someone who prefers morning mocktails, this blackberry spritzer is a nice way to make brunch feel celebratory.

Blackberry Spritzer, $3.49

Rainbow of Honey

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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

Here's a rainbow food I don't hate. Special for the holidays, TJ's has sourced honeys from around the world in six different shades and flavors. Your honey-loving friend can designate one flavor for tea, one for granola bowls, one for pancakes, and so on.

Rainbow of Honey, $9.99

Cedar Basalm Scented Candle

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Credit: PHoto via Trader joe's

Get this for the person who wants every morning to smell like Christmas morning.

Cedar Balsam Scented Candle, $3.99

Uncured Bacon Jam

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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

The ideal gift for the bacon superfan who will try anything once.

Uncured Bacon Jam, $4.49

Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

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Credit: Photo via trader joe's

Chile lime seasoning is good on so many things: fresh coconut, mango, bloody marys, eggs. Plus, the package just looks like Christmas.

Chile Lime Seasoning Blend, $2.99