The 10 Barrel Cucumber Sour Crush is just right for the not-actually-cool days of early fall and late summer

By Margaret Eby
Updated September 05, 2018
Credit: 10 Barrels Brewery

It's after Labor Day, which means that you're supposed to put away your white slacks and boat shoes and prepare for the coziness of fall, with the leaves and the sweaters and the hot cider. Except, of course, up here in New York, it's still above 90 degrees, and the idea of touching something made of wool is extremely unpleasant. This sort of not-quite-summer-not-quite-fall period in early September is still perfectly good for outdoor drinking and tomato sandwiches. Except, let's be real: At this point, I'm over drinking al fresco. I'm ready for a change.

Which is why, when the minds behind 10 Barrel Brewing Company sent over a selection of their Crush Sour Beers, I was eager to try them out. Recently I've found myself gravitating toward sour beer and away from wheat beers and IPAs. They're particularly nice in this September heat, when I want to drink beer but anything pumpkin-related feels wrong somehow. And the 10 Barrel Crush beers—they come in Apricot, Raspberry, Cucumber, and Lemon—are a perfect introduction to sour beers. They're sour but not offputtingly so. They have a tart bite, aren't overly fruity, and have a reasonably low ABV, so you can drink more than one of them without feeling like you'll be ruined for the rest of the evening.

I was particularly a fan of the Apricot and Cucumber Crush. If you can find them (10 Barrels has a nifty beer finder that lets you know where you can), pick them up. You won't be sour about it.