Egg Recipes

Eggs take a starring role when poached, baked, or deviled. But they're also versatile team players in delicious egg-recipe favorites like omelets, egg salad, and deviled eggs.

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15 Ways to Cook Fried Eggs That We Bet You've Never Heard Of

Quick, satisfying, and even simpler than scrambled eggs, fried eggs might just be the perfect breakfast food. 

20+ Fresh and Exciting Ways to Enjoy Scrambled Eggs

These tasty scrambled egg recipes showcase the deliciousness and versatility of the humble, budget-friendly egg.  

10 Egg-Based Breakfast Muffins for Grab-and-Go Mornings

Take the convenience of a muffin, but add the nutrients of an egg and you've got the perfect grab-and-go breakfast: egg-based breakfast muffins. Mornings are chaotic enough, so simplify breakfast with these easy, protein-rich egg muffins, egg cups, frittatas, and quiches. You'll be able to feed multiple mouths at once, all without having to worry about extensive prep or cleanup. With these easy, hearty breakfasts, your muffin tin is gonna go a long way.

35 Best Deviled Egg Recipes

Easter and Southern lunches just aren't the same without deviled eggs. The finger food staple is relatively easy to prepare and is beloved enough to hold its own without any alterations. If you like your deviled eggs with a twist, though, we've got plenty, from pimiento cheese to herbs and crumbs and even shrimp with remoulade. With these deviled egg recipes, we guarantee your family, friends, and guests will relish every single bite.

60 Ways to Put An Egg On It

You know what's better with an egg on top? Everything. If you love incorporating eggs into your daily meals, you'll swoon over these 60 recipes we dressed up with perfectly cooked eggs. From pizzas to salads to pastas and more, we've got your egg-topper to suit every taste.

7 Ways With Eggs

Hardboiled, poached, scrambled, or slipped into casseroles, eggs are the quintessential comfort food.

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