Go ahead and brew that pot. We’ve got you covered.

If you're a coffee fan, you probably know this situation all too well: You make a pot of coffee and drink your fill, only to realize that there's one cup too many. Ugh. Instead of forcing it down—or worse, tossing it out—try using that extra java in your next kitchen endeavor. To get started, check out these 7 deliciously creative ways to use leftover coffee in condiments, treats, and more. 

Credit: Getty / Guillermo Murcia


Sweeten up your dishes with homemade coffee syrup. Drizzle it on pancakes, ice cream, or crispy bacon for a salty-sweet breakfast. Even your iced coffee could probably use some coffee syrup, TBH. Maple syrup who?

Overnight Oats

Infuse overnights oats with coffee for a 2-in-1 meal. Simply replace half the milk with coffee and add your go-to oatmeal ingredients. Come morning, you can enjoy your breakfast and coffee in every bite.

Ice Cubes

When in doubt, make coffee ice cubes. Aside from preventing watery iced coffee, these handy cubes can add a jolt of caffeine to milkshakes, boozy frozen drinks, and cereal milk lattes.


Toss leftover coffee—or coffee ice cubes—into your next smoothie. Coffee tastes especially delicious in banana smoothies and dark chocolate smoothies, but if smoothies aren't your style, try a coffee milk punch instead.

Ice Pops

Taking a rain check on that coffee smoothie? Pour it into ice pop molds and make smoothie pops, a.k.a. a very cool summer treat (literally). Try adding fruit slices and swirls of fudge for a Pinterest-worthy dessert.

Bread Pudding

Upgrade your dessert game with coffee bread pudding. You can sub the milk with coffee or use half of each for a delightfully rich dessert. Top with chocolate, cherries, nuts, or all of the above. 


If you're craving something savory, try coffee-marinated beef tenderloin steak. Or, if you want more zing, brine chicken drumsticks in coffee, cinnamon, chili powder, and crushed red pepper. Hello, happy taste buds.