What would summer be without the perfect pint of ice cream? True, popsicles are great, and frozen pies are fun, but come on people... ice cream. There's something about a pint that can't be beat. It's the perfect size, it fits in your hand, and it's possible to eat the whole thing in one sitting (#adulting). To celebrate our intense love for the cold stuff, our editors divulged their favorite scoops to share with the class. Seriously though, don't blame us if you suddenly get the urge to run out to the store to impulsively buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's, because there's a high likelihood that will happen. You have been warned.


When it comes to ice cream, most of us love the chunky stuff. And by chunky stuff we realized that meant anything from Ben & Jerry's.


"Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough. I've actually never even been a huge fan of cookie dough ice cream... but there's is just so damn, perfect. The chunks are insane (I'm a fan of a chunky ice cream situations) and the custard flavor is just right... it's more than vanilla, but it's not overwhelming. It's like a toasty vanilla sweet cream that is addictive as hell. I can't be the only one who feels this way (I know I'm not), because it's actually gotten a little challenging to find it on shelves... certain grocery stores seem to always be out of it. My best practice is that if I see some, I go ahead and buy at least 2 pints."

- Darcy Lenz, MyRecipes Editor

"I'm a sucker for anything mint chocolate chip. As long as it's loaded with extra chips and crumbled Oreos, that's all I need. I also love ice cream loaded with cookie dough, so the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is amazing, because they are not shy with toppings. Basically, any ice cream that's loaded with toppings is up my alley."

- Sara Tane, Cooking Light Fellow

"In terms of favorite store-brands, I love Ben & Jerry’s, especially their cookie dough because it MOST DEFINITELY has the most cookie dough of any ice cream brand and also Phish Food because those little fudge fish are adorable."

- Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, MyRecipes Fellow

"My favorite go-to, gotta-have-a-pint-right-now flavor is and forever will be Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, with giant, and I mean GIANT chunks of brownies and cookie dough. Amen to that."

- Jessica Colyer, MyRecipes Production Assistant

"Personal requirements: It needs to be cold, and it needs to be listeria-free. Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. My Granny used to serve me chocolate chip ice cream allll the time as a kid, so I get that bit of nostalgia, and the cherries make me feel a little less guilty about taking down a whole pint in one sitting."

Matthew Moore, Cooking Light Digital Project Manager

Besides the obvious love for giant chunks of anything in our ice cream, a lot of us love a little bit of everything.

" Behind Ben & Jerry's, a close second for me is Talenti strawberry. It is by far the best strawberry ice cream out there. It's intensely berry good. Talenti Mediterranean Mint is also a good standby... But I'm going to stop, because my gluttonous love for ice cream is insane and I could keep listing flavors for a while."

- Darcy Lenz, MyRecipes Editor

"So if it’s local, real, fresh stuff, I’m going with in season fruit. Peach is my absolute favorite; I get it every time we go to Mercier Orchard in Blue Ridge, GA. They have blueberry, too, which is sweeter if that’s your thing. If I’m buying ice cream in the store—let’s be honest, I’m picking the brand based on which one is BOGO, but then I’m going for Mint Chocolate Cookie or anything with caramel. I’m not interested in a chocolate ice cream base—it’s too much and overpowers anything you add into it!"

- Ashley Kappel, MyRecipes & Cooking Light, Digital Content Manager

"I’m all over the map when it comes to ice cream flavors. I love the super-rich flavors like chocolate peanut butter cup and a good salted caramel ice cream, but I also love kids flavors—think cake batter, superman, rainbow, anything with sprinkles or pop rocks…I know, I’m a child."

  • Emma Crist, MyRecipes Assistant Editor

Cheryl Slocum, Cooking Light, Senior Food Editor

** Note - They Do!

A lot of us are huge fans of local shops and brands that offer unique, fresh, and seasonal flavors, like Big Spoon Creamery down here in Birmingham, or Gannon's in Syracuse, NY.

"My all-time favorite summer ice cream is homemade peach ice cream. Heavy on vanilla, heavy on pureed (no frozen chunks to disrupt the creaminess of the ice cream) ripe, fresh peaches—so you get the best of both worlds (sweet-milk flavor, intense fruitiness). One of my new favorites is Big Spoon's fresh corn and blackberry ice cream, which is heaven. The corn gives it incredible richness and underpins the sweet notes, and the blackberry is fresh and tangy and bright, keeping it from going too sweet and too rich. And so apparently my personal requirement for a great ice cream is that it highlight fresh, seasonal produce to brighten the flavor."

Ann Pittman, Cooking Light, Executive Food Editor

"Brigham's Peppermint Stick. No other brand will do! Big sticky chunks of peppermint candy in vanilla ice cream…none of this peppermint flavored ice cream base nonsense."

Katie Barreira, Time Inc. Food Studios Kitchen Director

"My favorite ice cream EVER is Gannon’s in Syracuse, NY. It’s all homemade, ultra creamy, and has the perfect add-in-to-ice-cream ratio (very important). I love the Sea Salt and Fudge Chunk flavors. My second favorite ice cream place is Ample Hills in NYC for it’s kooky flavors and the fact you can get an M&M cookie cone. And then my third favorite is Odd Fellows in NYC. Their ice cream is fun and expertly done (the former pastry chef of WD~50 owns it). I love the cornbread and PB & J flavors. They have a foie gras one, too, which I have yet to have the guts to try! Recently, I went to Cream of Queen in Atlanta, Georgia, too, which is edging its way onto my go-to list. The ice cream and waffle cones are homemade and there’s cool flavors, like Basil Falooda with tomato jam and basil seeds and Guava Cheesecake."

Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, MyRecipes Fellow

While there are clearly many favorites among us, the clear winner is Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. And, if a pint of that doesn't satisfy that cookie dough craving, these insanely good ice cream sandwiches will. And by insanely good, I mean that the ice cream is literally sandwiched between too pieces of actual cookie dough.

Do you have a favorite go-to ice cream flavor? When you run to the store to grab a pint, which one do you grab first? Because it's summer and ice cream is constantly on our minds, we'd love to hear all about your favorite flavors and toppings. Let us know in the comments below!