We in the MyRecipes office, as you might've guessed, love food. Not just a passing, "Ooh, cookies" kind of way, but in an indulgent "there's leftover layer cake by the coffee pot" kind of way. So it's no surprise that when you're assigned to bring office treats (say, for our monthly birthday celebration), it's kind of a big deal.

Don't get me wrong-- we aren't food snobs around here. We love (and enjoy!) Girl Scout cookies just as much as we love store-bought classics. It's just that when your month comes around, you're unlikely to break out the break-n-bake. Oh no, you go for the big guns.

Yesterday was my turn and I brought out the big (ooey gooey) guns: Mississippi Mud Cake. Holy sweet chocolate frosting is this dessert good. Rich, too. Almost too rich-- you couldn't really eat it with ice cream without going into a sugar coma.

For our crew, the unofficially Office Birthday Treats rules are as follows:

1) Bite-Sized is Better. You can pick up more than one without others noticing, and it's much easier to sneak a few extra on your way (ahem) to the copier.

2) Always Include Ice Cream. Whether we're having brownies, cookies, cake, or yummy little bites of chocolate deliciousness, we always pair it with ice cream. Two kinds, in fact; one a classic vanilla and the other a toss up (Mint for me, please!).

3) Skip the Fancy Decorations. You can adorn each cookie if you want, or add festive writing to the cake, but we're just going to eat it, and fast. We choose function over form-- layer on that frosting!

What do you make for your office mates? Anyone with a rotating lunch crew out there?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel