Are you ready for some too-cute goodness? Get ready for our most pin-worthy bunny treats.

Leading the pack? These adorable cupcakes.


Roll freshly iced cupcakes in coconut flakes for the fluffy bunny look, then decorate with marshmallows and color-appropriate candies. This is a great craft for the kids, especially if your Easter week is a little cooler than expected!


Store-bought cupcakes get a lift from too-cute bunny cookies. These sweet treats are perfect for a kid-friendly Easter dinner or a classroom delivery for a spring birthday.


Five ingredients are all you need to make these must-have cookies. Break out your favorite royal icing recipe to decorate them in seasonal colors.


Remember how annoying that pesky Easter grass is to clean up from the Easter baskets? No more! Coconut gets a lime-hued makeover for a perfect grass look-alike decoration on this easy cupcake recipe. Starting with store-bought cupcakes leaves you more time to get creative with your decorations.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel