I have a confession: I have never voted for anyone on American Idol, or any reality show for that matter. But, if given the chance, I would sell all my possessions to jump on the Mint-Cookie Express for a nation-wide campaign to keep this ice cream flavor on the market.

The Slow Churned variety of Edy's ice cream lineup offers dozens of flavors including Caramel Delight, Chocolate Fudge Chunk, and Take the Cake, which I can only imagine is flavored like icing. However, it's their Mint Karaoke Cookie, offered January until July in honor of American Idol, that really gets me singing.

Besides having 50% less fat and 1/3 fewer calories than other ice creams on the market, the Slow Churned variety never gets that "hard as a rock" feeling some other treats get by languishing in the freezer for a few days. This one is smooth and creamy from day one until... well, I've never had a carton last more than a few days. Minty ice cream with generous bits of chocolate cookie sandwiches swirled in... could there be a better summertime dessert?

I submit that there cannot, and that this ice cream must stay on the market, come hell or August (arguably the same thing in the south) when it will no longer be available. So Edy's, if you're listening, please grant a continuance, table the discussion, or just send me an extra supply of Mint Karaoke Cookie Slow Churned to get me through until next Spring when I can only hope that my favorite American Idol will return. Until then, I'll just make my own.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel