I have to thank The Pioneer Woman for giving me my go to on hand breakfast for out of town guests or busy weekend mornings. It is absolutely decadent so be prepared to indulge. The key to this cake? Egg whites. Folded in right before you pop it in the oven, they give the final product a light and fluffy result. Now, I am going to give you a word of warning: Do not skip the topping. Don't even think about it. It is not an option. Now, while I would never skimp on the brown sugar goodness that dresses the top, I did skip the pecans this time. It was not because I don't like them (shudder the thought), but because I didn't feel like chopping. I wish I had a better excuse. Now, make haste and get in your kitchen to gather the ingredients for this miraculous breakfast confection. I can almost guarantee your well-stocked pantry will have all the necessary ingredients. Just remember to thank The Pioneer Woman for this one!