I used to think that all peanut butters were pretty much the same until I tasted some from the Krema Nut Company. Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever had! A friend from the gym was telling me about it one day, and I thought it seemed ridiculous (as well as a bit “food-snobbish”) to order your peanut butter on-line. Buthe brought me a sample one morning and I was sold.

It was the freshest, most “peanutty” flavor I’ve ever tasted in a peanut butter. The nuts are slow-roasted in small batches, giving them an incredibly rich flavor. It’s completely natural with no added salt, sugars, or preservatives. Both the smooth and the crunchy are divine. Eating a spoonful of the crunchy (yes, I admit to eating it right out of the jar!) is like putting a spoonful of finely chopped fresh-roasted peanuts in your mouth. And another thing I really like is that, unlike other natural peanut butters, there’s not a big layer of oil at the top when you open it—you barely have to stir at all.

They also have other nut butters such as almond and cashew. You don’t have to order an entire case, but you’ll want to. Check out and see what it’s all about.