Because snacks are better in bulk.

There’s something about taking a trip to Costco that makes grocery shopping fun. Maybe it’s the samples at every corner or the oversized containers of food at super low prices. Whatever makes us light up when we walk through the doors, Costco shoppers are truly diehard fans.

But if there’s one thing I always buy at Costco — it’s snacks. I can buy all of my favorite items in bulk, so I never have to worry about running out of my desk drawer staples when the 3 PM hunger pang hits. Plus, buying these items at the big box store’s prices means I can keep to my weekly budget. Here are the 10 snacks I always buy from Costco.


You can buy containers of almost any kind of nut at Costco. Their Kirkland Signature unsalted mixed nuts is only $20.49 for a 40 ounce container. It’s significantly cheaper than a typical supermarket, and I can keep the tub on my desk for a quick fix. If you want a sweet and salty combo, definitely try the four-pound bag of Kirkland Signature trail mix.

Almond Butter

I challenge you to find a cheaper nut butter. You can’t? That’s because at $8.79 for a 27-ounce container, Kirkland Signature almond butter is the one item that makes a trip to Costco so worth it. Just smear a little on sliced apples and celery for the perfect bite.

Mini Granola Bars

Granola bars aren’t usually my thing, but these Kind minis are my go-to savior when I need a sugary treat during the day. They’re only 100 calories per bar, have 4 grams of protein to keep me full, and a pack of 36 sells for just $20.49.


Costco sells a handful of individually wrapped dips that are easy to toss into your bag with some veggies. You can snag single serve cups of Kirkland Signature organic hummus or Wholly Guacamole mini cups for all of your chip, veggie, and pretzel dipping needs. If you don’t mind packaging the dip yourself, Kirkland Signature organic salsa is also a snacktime winner.

Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Bloomberg/Getty Images

Fruit Cups

There’s no easier way to snag a shelf-stable serving of fruit than Dole diced peach cups. You can buy 16 cups for just $10.59, and they’re packed in real fruit juice for a healthy, on-the-go snack.


I love having individually packaged chips in my desk drawer. It’s an easy way to keep mindless overeating in check, while easing my salty and crunchy cravings. I have a soft spot for Sun Chips, so I always grab a box of 30 bags for $11.19 (yes, it’s really that cheap).


Popcorn is a magical snack. You can dig into an entire bag for just a few calories, and it’s super filling. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as freshly popped, buttery popcorn. Kirkland Signature sells a box of 44 microwave-ready bags for $11.49. The whole office will be jealous when they smell it.


Laughing Cow sells bulk spreadable Swiss cheese for however you enjoy hunks of the creamy, delicious bites. Spread on crackers, enjoy with apples and grapes, or just eat it whole. We don’t judge.

Peanut Butter Pretzels

If you haven’t tried the Kirkland Signature peanut butter filled pretzels you need to drop what you’re doing and grab yourself a container. Salty, crunchy pretzel nuggets are stuffed with creamy, sweet peanut butter for the ultimate sweet and salty desk snack. Plus, it’s a totally affordable habit—a 55-ounce container is only $10.49.

Fresh Produce

Costco sells quality produce in bulk to get you through any workweek. I like to snag apples and clementines for grab-and-go snacks, then pick up baby carrots, berries, and grapes for additional snacking I can portion out on my own.