Better than you average gas station varieties.
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Lorissa's Kitchen Beef Stick
Credit: Courtesy of Lorissa's Kitchen

Beef sticks (i.e.shelf-stable, jerky-like cords of compressed meat) are one of those conveniently portable snacks that taste yummy, but generally make you feel self-conscious while consuming, and leave you somewhat guilty/concerned about you life decisions after. However, our staff recently came across a beef stick that proves this need not be the case. Lorissa’s Kitchen beef sticks are a tasty upgrade on the favorite protein-hearty gas station snack, made with 100% grass-fed beef. While we aren’t too sure exactly what’s in your typical, mid-level beef stick, we do know for sure that these beef sticks are gluten-free with no preservatives, no added MSG, and no added nitrates. And if you thought you were a loyal fan to the OG Slim Jims, this artisanal version may just convince you to switch teams. Lorissa’s Kitchen prides themselves on using meats that are sustainably sourced from farms that practice humane treatment of their animals by allowing them to live on a forage-based diet.

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That said, the thing we collectively loved most about these meat sticks is the fact that they’re enjoyable to eat. The texture is just the right level of chewable—not rock hard, not rawhide tough. They’re well-seasoned, with an immediate hit of salt on the tongue, followed by a subtle spice. The beef sticks come in original, jalapeño, and smoky-sweet flavors, all of which contain 6 grams of protein per serving and make for satisfying snacks for travel or to keep stashed in your desk drawer at work. The brand also offers dried versions of pork cuts, steak strips, and chicken cuts, all produced with responsibly raised animals.

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