These are the most packable snacks on the market.
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You love Target—we get it. Those fire engine red carts transport you to a world full of home decor, kitchen items, last-minute gifts, and of course, groceries. And you’re already a pro at picking up the essential cheap foods and items to make dinner prep a breeze. After all, Target is a one-stop shop for everything you ever needed... plus so much more that somehow ends up in your cart.

But add one more section to that shopping list this week, because school is out and your kids are hungry. Like unreasonably hungry. So hungry, in fact, that you need to have double the snacks at the ready.

That’s where Target comes in to save the day (again!). We found our top 10 favorite snacks your kids (and you) will love all summer long. So, whether you’re packing a quick camp lunch, loading up for a road trip, or just keeping your kids satisfied midday, we have Target’s most kid-approved, easily packable snacks to try this summer.

Single Serve Dips

Toss one of these in your kid’s lunch box with a snack bag full of pretzels, veggies, chips, or whatever they’ll be excited to dip. Try single size, packable versions of guacamole, hummus, Ranch, or black bean hummus for the perfect midday treat.

Packable Bags of Chips

If the idea of portioning out individual snack bags of chips gives you nightmares, Target has you covered. Snag bulk containers of Veggie Stix ($5.49 per 6 bags) or Mickey Mouse shaped veggie chips ($5.49 per 6 bags) for ready-to-go, veg-based crunch. If your little one is looking for a more classic chip, try the FritoLay variety pack ($6.99 per 20 bags) for individual bags of all their favorites.

Crispy Seaweed Snacks

If your kids are all about crunchy and salty (read: potato chips), see if they’ll snack on roasted seaweed snacks ($25.37 per 12 snack packs). The single serve packets are free of major allergens, and come in a variety of flavors.

Portioned Trail Mix

Target’s trail mix game is strong. They have a variety of options containing an assortment of nuts, dried fruits, candies, and pretzels. Find your favorite combination, then grab a 36-ounce container ($7.99) for the best deal. If you’re looking for a more packable pouch, opt for the 4-ounce bag ($1.99) or 10 individual snack packs ($6.39).

Snackable Granola

You’ll have to individually bag these babies, but they’re well worth it. Nourish blends ingredients like oats, chocolate chips, and chia seeds for a healthy, snack-worthy bites. Try the chocolate peanut butter granola bites ($3.99) or any of their other flavors. If you’re looking for a granola treat that’s already packable, try the Simply Balanced granola bars ($2.79 per 8 bars).

Cravable Cracker Sandwiches

They’re the same cracker sandwiches you loved as a kid, but Target’s Market Pantry brand brings a ton of flavor for low cost. Try the individually wrapped peanut butter sandwich crackers ($1.99 per 8 packs) or peanut butter and cheese sandwich crackers ($1.99 per 8 packs) for the ultimate sweet and salty snack.

Fruit Cups

Sometimes fresh fruit just won’t make it to camp in one piece. Thus, Market Pantry sells individually packaged cups of mandarin oranges, diced pears, and diced peaches ($5.29 per 12 cups) for a portable, healthy choice.

Apple Sauce

Go old school with Market Pantry’s cinnamon applesauce ($1.99 per 6 cups) in single-serve cups for a lightly sweet, fruity treat. If you’re looking to boost your kid’s vegetable intake, try tossing a Simply Balanced fruit and vegetable pouch ($3.29 per 4 pouches) in their bag. The simple, sippable mixture contains organic apple and spinach puree with a touch of lemon juice.

Fresh Fruit

Don’t forget Target has an awesome produce section, including bags of clementines, apples, and grapes that are quick fixes to send to day camp. If you want something even easier, Target sells packs of sliced apples for extra ease.

Coconut Water

It seems almost crazy, but coconut water can be a great snack time beverage to send with your kiddo. After all, summertime calls for crazy hydration, right? Well, coconut water has some serious hydrating benefits and comes in crave-worthy flavors like chocolate,lemonade, pineapple, watermelon, and more. Say goodbye to fighting about not drinking enough water.