Pick a few, and you’re road trip-ready.

It’s travel season, and the last thing you want to do is stop at a fast food joint every time hunger strikes during your drive. Save your money for fun activities and fancy feasts once you get to your destination, and pack these simple, road-ready snacks ahead of time. You can whip any of these up in just a few minutes, and these easy travel snacks are customizable to your fellow car-mates’ food preferences. Get packing, your trip awaits.

Trail Mix

Combine your (i.e. your kids’) favorite nuts, seeds, and chopped dried fruit in a bowl, then spoon into zip-top bags. We’re big fans of the smoky flavors in the healthful fruit-and-nut mix, but you can toss in some M&Ms and goldfish for a more varied bite, like in this nuts and bolts trail mix.

Mini Sandwiches

Bringing actual veggies and dip can be a difficult (and potentially messy) car snack. Instead, slice mini pitas open and fill with your favorite dips/spreads and veggies for easy eating. This mini pita sammy combines hummus with ripe tomato slices and a touch of basil, for the perfect travel bite.

Sandwich Spirals

Combine peanut butter and yogurt as the base to these kid-sized peanut butter banana spirals. Then, spread onto tortillas, top with cinnamon-wheat germ, and slice like sushi for a morning car treat. If you’re looking for a savory swap, the turkey and swiss pinwheels make for a flavorful snack-time option.

Mini Frittatas

The egg-based muffins aren’t the first thing we think of when we are packing snacks—but maybe they should be. They’re super versatile, so add whatever veggies, cheese, herbs, or meat you have on hand. Dig into muffin-tin mini frittatas with ham and cheese for a lunch-worthy, protein packed dish to keep you full for the entire ride.


Keep your snack cravings in check with a bag of flavored popcorn. It takes just minutes to pop the kernels, then top with salt, pepper, and whatever spices you have on hand. We particularly love this rosemary popcorn.

Crunchy Chickpeas

Chickpeas are finger-licking good when cooked down on the stovetop or oven-roasted until crunchy. Please your cheese needs with these crispy parmesan chickpeas or hit those warm spice cravings with these spicy crunchy chickpeas. Feel free to mix up the flavoring for a perfect, snackable protein.


Sure, you can buy a package of granola bars from the grocery store or gas station—but these are too good to pass up. Swap in your favorite dried fruit, cereal, and nut butter to customize no-bake chewy granola bars, and get ready for a delicious oat experience.

Energy Balls

As long as you allow some time for these to chill, tahini oat energy balls and apple-oat energy balls require just minutes to toss together. Feel free to swap around the nuts, nut butter, and fruit in these for a snack that will become a custom family favorite.

Easy Upgrades

Sometimes just adding a few ingredients to your store-bought, go-to road trip bites can make a world of difference. Add a packet of ranch dressing with dried spices to cheddar cheese crackers to make crack crackers or upgraded Ritz crackers for a new take on the classic snack.