Maybe it's the heat, but, this week, I decided to get creative in the kitchen. I pulled all my cookbooks off the shelves and got to browsing, looking for something that would satisfy myself and my husband. If it could cool us off at the same time, then double bonus.

I landed on a frozen fruit "salad", as we always called it, and immediately recognized it from my family Christmas table. Mom always made one batch with pecans and one without, though I can hardly remember which I prefer.

I skipped the "salad" labeling of this tasty dish and made it for dessert that night.

"It's better than ice cream!" my husband exclaimed. "What is this pink fluff?"

I didn't give away my secrets, but now I know a go-to warm weather dessert that makes a ton and is sure to cool even the most over-heated palate.

Stay cool, readers. And eat your pie!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel