When I was little, my friend Haley's mom would make the most delicious, indulgent snack ever. Back then she called it puppy chow, a bite-sized sugary snack made with rice-squares cereal, peanut butter, melted chocolate, and the oh-so-incriminating powdered sugar topping. She made it for sleepovers, school events, and even mailed a big batch to celebrate Haley's entry into college. Unfortunately, sending a big batch of white powdered sugar snacks during September of 2001 didn't turn out as well as our puppy chow movie nights in grade school.

Still, when a coworker shared some goodies a friend sent him, my memory raced back to the days of furtively shoveled handfuls of this sugary treat. Only this time, there was a little something extra.

Frieda Orange has launched an Etsy business selling a similar sugary treat which she appropriately calls Craque. Her fans call themselves "Craqueheads" and rave on her review page. As for myself, I can barely get the powdered sugar off my keyboard to type this posting.

Whether you grew up calling it monkey munch, puppy chow, or just plain good, Craque is now offering to bring you the same sugary overload without the pesky stirring. Order them in dime-bag sizes for individual servings (wedding favors, anyone?) or with custom labels to celebrate pretty much any occasion that permits you to have a little powdered sugar on your fingers and face. Sure, you can eat it without getting messy, but I can promise that you won't want to. Share with a friend, just to be safe--they can help you out with that little something left on your chin.

Photo by Katherine Slingluff

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel