During my first trip to Las Vegas a few years ago, I stumbled across this tiny but amazing desserts shop packed with wedding cakes, gelato, and tiny examples of pastry perfection. Ok, so I'd actually heard about it before, and I guess I "stumbled" across it if by "stumble" you really mean mapped it out, did research to find it, and then drug my friend all over the Bellagio Hotel twice in an effort to track down the legendary chocolate goodness. But find it we did and it was oh-so-worth it.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie boasts more than just to-die-for chocolate cakes (seriously, chocolate lovers, avert your eyes from the picture for fear of turning to stone); it also claims the world's tallest chocolate fountain. Unfortunately, it's encased in glass, so you can't actually swipe a finger through the smooth bittersweet goodness, but you can dream.

The delicacy I had there, aptly titled the "Imperial," was basically a tiny chocolate bomb of dark chocolate mousse layered with crispy nuts and topped with a dollop of (what else?) creme brulee. My heart sings just thinking about it.

Fortunately, not everything that happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas. While this bad boy probably wouldn't survive a cross-country trip via UPS, I did some research to find other chocolate cakes perfect for sharing...or eating by yourself after midnight. My favorites:

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel