We here at fully believe in abiding with general health guidelines (and old wives' tales), so when we saw these gourmet apples, we figured it was a tasty way to get in our recommended daily allowance of fruits and veggies.

Gourmet apples, granny smiths cleverly disguised with thick and gorgous layers of caramel, candy coating, cookie crumbs, nuts, mini marshmallows, and even edible gold dust, are popping up everywhere. We found these beauties in an upscale Las Vegas hotel, but we've spotted them in theme parks, music festivals, and gourmet gift baskets. These aren't the kind of apples you simply bite into; ask the vender to slice the treat before you leave if you plan on eating it before you get home.

Check out to get a peek at the beauties you can order online. Or, try a few of our "do it yourself" recipes to get a treat worthy of passing out as party favors to friends, or hording all to yourself. The combination of tart apple and sweet toppings makes this delicious treat ideal for a snack or dessert. Plus, there's more than enough to share.