Yo, it is hot outside. And naturally, the best way to keep cool is with ice cream, and lots of it. When we found out that Jeni’s released 5 new ice cream flavors as a part of their Early Summer Collection, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to decide how they stood up against each other (largely so we had a valid reason to eat entire containers of all 5 in one sitting). Despite some dissenting opinions throughout the office, there's one thing we could all agree on: damn, you really can’t go wrong with Jeni's.

Counting down from #5:

5. Whole Lemon Sorbet: Jeni’s was not kidding when they said they’d use every part of the lemon. This flavor is super tangy and is made for all the serious citrus-lovers out there. There’s even bits of rind mixed throughout for an added chewy factor. It’s not overly sweet, which we appreciated, but for the average palate, this might possess an lip-puckering, over-the-top, tartness.

4. Ylang Ylang and Fennel: Licorice is quite the divisive flavor--you either love it or you hate it. For those that enjoy it, this is the pint for you. Extremely fragrant and refreshing, this one would be a fantastic treat for a heavy day that is too hot to handle. It would also make for a dope component in an ice cream float with ginger ale or cherry soda.

3. Atlantic Beach Pie: Inspired by a classic Southern dessert, this flavor takes some getting used to. If you’ve never had a slice of this saltine cracker-crusted lemon custard pie with whipped cream, then the ice cream flavor probably won’t make much sense. However, if you’re familiar with this North Carolina tradition or simply have an appreciation for all things salty-sweet, Atlantic Beach Pie has your name written all over it.

2. Birch and Marshmallow: Everyone concurs, this takes like a root beer float and we can’t get enough of it. Although the texture of the soft, pillowy marshmallows mixed in throughout were a sort of surprising and slightly off-putting to some, this creamy flavor with nature-inspired notes of wintergreen had our whole crew swooning.

1. Savannah Buttermint: This is the flavor for every mint chocolate chip-hater out there. While it still plays on the peppermint flavor profile, Jeni’s has cleverly added white chocolate, sea salt, and butter to delicately curb the intense, toothpaste-like flavor of some mint ice creams. It's as rich as it is refreshing and refined as it is indulgent. The specks of white chocolate add an unexpected crispness that stands up nicely against the thick, buttery base. The combination of the classic flavor of butter mint candies plus decadent white chocolate is certainly our top pick for the next sweltering day this summer (i.e. tomorrow).

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane