Most of us only buy jelly beans when Easter rolls around. But there's a huge variety of them available year-round besides the spring season's regular mix of (rejected) licorice and fruit flavors.

Here we've rounded up ten of the strangest (and sometimes grossest) flavors of jelly beans that you've probably never heard of.


Tabasco - Don't grab a handful of these red jelly beans thinking the flames mean cinnamon. With actual Tabasco brand seasoning inside, it's definitely a unique way to get some spice in your life.

Champagne - Celebrate New Year's Eve this year by skipping the bubbly and sticking with jelly beans instead.


Buttered Popcorn - A divisive candy that has equal amounts of lovers and haters, the buttered popcorn flavor was the first of its kind when it hit the scene in 1989.

Caramel Corn - A marrying of two jelly bean flavors, buttered popcorn and caramel, brought about this bean that gives you all the flavor of caramel corn without all the stickiness.


Beer - Somehow Jelly Belly got the flavor of draft beer into a tiny bean, even taking the extra step to give it a special finish to resemble bubbly fresh poured beer.

Birthday Cake - The perfect "I care about your birthday but really can't bake." gift.


Pancakes and Maple Syrup - Who says you can't eat candy for breakfast? Get your buttery maple fix through jelly beans.

Chili Mango - Inspired by the Latin American street snack of fresh mango sprinkled with chili, these beans contain real mango juice and cayenne for a sweet and spicy combo.

Cold Stone Creamery - Now you don't have to get in the car to go get your favorite ice cream, just open a bag of jelly beans. Flavors include mint chocolate chip, apple pie, chocolate, and more!


Beanboozled - If the previous flavors weren't strange enough for you, check out Jelly Belly's Beanboozled series. The boxes feature 10 regular flavors and 10 weird lookalikes, so you never know what you're getting! The weird flavors range from just unusual (lawn clippings and toothpaste) to downright disgusting (canned dog food and moldy cheese).

Use jelly beans, traditional or weird flavors alike, to decorate adorable spring time flower cupcakes:

By Hayley Sugg and Hayley Sugg