Our 10 top-rated lasagna recipes feature updated twists–from a comforting Extra-Easy Lasagna to a spicy Tex-Mex Lasagna, here are our best lasagna recipes.
Speedy Lasagna

Lasagna will always be a down-home favorite, perfect for Make-Ahead family suppers or entertaining a crowd. From a traditional ground beef-and-tomato sauce lasagna recipe to an updated Tex-Mex version, these recipes include something for everyone. Better still, you can fix and freeze any of them. On a busy weeknight, you'll have a convenient homemade meal that just needs to be popped in the oven.

Ten 5-Star Rated Lasagna Recipes
The following recipes were given the highest rating by our users, so we're confident you're gonna love them.

  • 5. Speedy Lasagna
  • from New Orleans, LA writes, "This was unbelievably good! It took less than an hour -- start to finish -- and is possibly the best lasagna I have ever eaten. Very few dishes to clean too! I would serve this to company and will make it for my family again and again. "
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8. Tomato-Basil Lasagna with Prosciutto
Kristin writes, "I loved this recipe! I didn't tell my husband it was from Cooking light–he devoured the lasagna. I added a bit more prosciutto and and an extra dash of pepper to spice it up more, but other than that followed the recipe. It was great and has become a staple in our house."
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  • 9. Creamy Spinach Lasagna
  • MilwaukeeGal writes, "This recipe was so versatile and a good foundation to work with. I used fat free milk...extra garlic...Then....I got some tomatoes, mixed it with some basil...and used that with the cheese/marinara layer...I also used some reduced fat Sargento Italian cheese and some asiago. It turned out WONDERFUL!!! Major yummo."
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