If you live in Alabama, you've been denied some of the world's best beers for years. Our state bans all beer with alcohol content above six percent by volume. That means most of the great beers of Belgium, as well as the products of popular microbreweries like Rogue aren't available here.

But all of that may be about to change. An organization called Free the Hops has been lobbying our state legislature to change this law, and they are very close to succeeding. A bill to effectively eliminate the alcohol limits passed the Alabama Senate yesterday, and as soon as our governor signs it, the whole beer world will be open to us.

And that's the purpose of this post. If you live in Alabama and love beer, please call or e-mail Gov. Bob Riley and urge him to sign the Free the Hops bill, HB373. You can find more information here.

And as a high-alcohol-beer newbie, I need your help, blogland. What are some of your favorite Belgian and other brews?