Sometimes, you need a chilled bottle of wine. Like now.

We've all been there. You pick up some on-sale sauvignon blanc on your grocery stop home (not from the chilled section... because wine from the chilled section is never on sale) and you wanna pop that bottle like as soon as the frozen pizza you also grabbed is done. Or oh hey, you wanna have a last minute post-work get-together and sure, you've got plenty of rosé, but it's sitting warm on your wine rack. First of all, don't panic, warm wine is not the end of the world, (warm beer is). But even if you don't want to stoop to putting ice cubes in the glass to enjoy some chilled wine, you can overcome this hurdle--and you can do it fast.


The key is to tap into your good pal H20 in both its liquid and solid state. You can always chill a bottle of wine in a bucket of just ice... if you have time to wait. But ice alone can't work nearly as fast as ice + water.

Here are the two most effective methods to make your wine chill out ASAP:

  • Chill Out Method #1: Place your bottle of wine in a large bucket (or a stockpot) filled with ice water. To supercharge this process, break out the MVP chilling ingredient: salt. Generously salt the ice water (extra props if you have big, chunky rock salt) then, give the bottle a nice twirl to move the contents of the bottle around every few minutes. And voila--you should have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine in about 1o to 15 minutes.
  • Chill Out Method #2: Weta clean kitchen towel with cold water, then wrap it snuggly around the wine bottle. Place the wine bottle in the freezer until chilled. This method takes a bit longer (you'll need to leave your wine in for about 20 minutes), but it's less hands-on than method #1, which can be helpful if you're trying to prep food on-the-fly as well.

Bonus Chill Out Tip: If you're almost to chilled... but out of time, plop some frozen fruit, such as grapes, blueberries, etc. into each glass. If you happen to have a smoothie stockpile of fruit in your freezer, this is an easy cooling boost that won't dilute your drank. Plus, this leaves you with a wine-infused fruity treat at the bottom of the glass.

Sparkling Cava Wine Cocktail

Of course, if your not in a rush and looking to add a little more zing to your vino game, try any one of these stellar wine cocktails that are all summer porch sipping-approved.