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That's in my humble opinon, of course (or IMHO, for you avid texters and forum posters out there).  But seriously, this protein powder is really good.  My husband and I have been on a healthy eating and exercise mission for about 3 months now, as we both had put on some marriage and baby weight!  Our weekday meals feature fiber-rich carbs up until lunch; chicken, fish, and green veggies at dinner; and LOTS of protein shakes throughout the day.  As anyone who has done a lot of protein shakes knows, they can get old fast. 


However, Brent's good friend (and world-class power lifter) turned him to the American Whey Double Dutch Chocolate Supreme protein powder, and we haven't looked back.  This powder mixes very easily and the taste does actually resemble real chocolate.  We drink ours with plain water, but I imagine that mixing with milk instead would be positively divine, as protein shakes go.  Plus, the brand name gets a little giggle out of my pun-loving nerdy side!