For a fruit-filled treat on a hot summer day, mix up a pitcher of sangria.

For a fruit-filled treat on a hot summer day, mix up a pitcher of sangria. I enjoyed drinking and sharing my trial run of the Spanish wine punch so much that I've made it every weekend since then. It easily replaced my usual Saturday night glass of wine with its cooler, more refreshing self.

Before preparing the drink, I was a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of recipes I found, but I have found that any mixture of wine, juice, club soda, and sliced fruit that blends in the fridge for a few hours is guaranteed to please.



First, I mixed some apricot nectar and orange liquor that I had on hand into a bottle of shiraz with fruit. The next Saturday, I played off a peach sangria recipe and mixed peaches, peach nectar, raspberries, and a little bit of vodka into a white zinfandel (pictured on the left). It made for a lighter, fruitier concoction that my friends who like white wine best complimented. On the third weekend, I made a super simple mixture of lemonade mix, strawberries, and oranges to add to my friend's bottle of red wine. I prefer the body red wine gives sangria over white, but I also prefer red wine to white.

My favorite part of sangria is eating the wine-drenched fruit out of the bottom of my glass. Berries, citrus fruit, and peaches absorb the sweet, slightly acidic flavor of the wine mixture that makes them even more juicy. I enjoy eating the pink-tinted orange slices off the rind, but it is the sliced peaches that absorb the most wine punch flavor and, as my friend Amanda said in a slightly overdramatic tone, created a "waterfall in our mouths."


Have I convinced you to make some sangria for yourself? Grab a bottle of white or red wine and mix in whatever fruit and juice you have on hand, or follow one of these recipes.

What do you like to put in your sangria? What other summer drinks do you like to serve?