If you're hosting the holiday bash this year, heads up. Buying the booze is a less daunting task because now we know what to do with all the leftover bottles after the party - that is if there are any leftover. Of course, we could drink it... wine lovers might prefer this option... or we could repurpose it! Real Simple has a couple of tips and tricks for salvaging every sip down to the last drop.

When freezing your wine be careful pouring into an ice cube tray, it can be a messy task. Try not to fill to the brim; this will avoid spills and overlapping cubes. Also, since these are going in the freezer, cover with Saran Wrap to guarantee long-lasting freshness and to prevent any crystallization from forming. Once frozen, these portioned little cubes are perfect for recipes that call for a dash of rich, red wine. You can also reuse your wine by heating it up to create a sweet syrup reduction. It's the perfect top to frozen yogurt, ice cream, and breakfast favorites such as waffles, pancakes, or french toast. Yum!

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In need of holiday party red wine recipes? Mulled Pomegranate and Red Wine Punch and Winter Sangria are what we'll be having at this year's Christmas party! What will you be serving?

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