During the summer when the temperature is high and the humidity even higher, I crave wines that are sparkling, light, and refreshing. One of my new favorites is Riondo Veneto Prosecco, an Italian sparkling white wine. It has just a slight hint of citrus, and , I think, a little bit of melon flavor.

It’s perfect on its own as a pre-dinner drink, or as an accompaniment for light appetizers. Because it’s fruity, it can hold its own with flavorful ingredients—I particularly enjoyed it with small slices of pizza and again with tomato-and-olive-topped bruschetta.

I’ll also admit that one of the other things I love about this wine is the price—it’s about $12 a bottle. This is quite a benefit since I find myself buying several bottles at a time on a fairly regular basis. They keep it chilled at the market down the street from my house, so I can pop the cork right when I get home and take a sip of cool, sparkling refreshment. It makes the humidity seem not quite so brutal. Salute!