I'm normally not a huge flavored-beverage fan; water is overwhelmingly my drink of choice. But we got some samples of Honeydrop "honey infused beverages" at the office, and I am impressed. Made from organic flavorings and sweetened with organic honey, they skirt the thin line between flavored water and overpowering sports drink. The flavors are mild but definitely present, and don't seem artificial at all. The honey makes for a great finish that has a distinct honey character, more complex than sugar. And all for 80 calories a bottle.

Honeydrop comes in four flavors: blood orange, chamomile, blueberry, and apple. I sampled the first two and can't really tell which one I like better. Both are refreshingly clean-flavored. I think the blood orange would make a great cocktail mixer, too.

What's really great is the company's commitment to green manufacturing. Besides being USDA organic certified, all the bottles are made of 100-percent-recyclable PETE plastic and are free of bisphenol A, a chemical under investigation for its association with heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

According to the press release, Honeydrop is currently available at Whole Foods, other natural food stores, spas, and yoga studios in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticutt area. Hopefully it'll show up elsewhere soon.