If you've never tried or--heaven forbid--heard of a gimlet, allow us to introduce you to this ultra-refreshing, absolutely ultimate springtime sipper.

Gimlet (n): A cocktail traditionally made of gin and lime juice. Served straight or on the rocks, typically with a lime garnish.

You can't go wrong with the classic, but we also fans of throwing in some seasonal flair. Check out our favorite variations below, or see more Toast-Worthy Brunch Cocktails.

Basil-Thyme Gimlet

Basil-Thyme Gimlet

In this take on the classic gimlet recipe, gin is infused with the herbaceous aromas of basil and thyme along with a few ounces of lime juice. Use a basil leaf and/or thyme sprig for an a lovely garnish. You can find the recipe here.


Fresh basil and gimlets are clearly a match meant to be. This recipe relies on an easy basil flavored simple syrup rather than infusing the liquor. Make the syrup before guests arrive—it keeps up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Get the recipe here and read below why our users love serving this quick-and-easy gimlet to spring and summer guests.

"Delicious. I doubled the recipe, put it in a small pitcher, set out the ice bucket and let my guests help themselves. People were a little hesitant when they heard it was a cocktail using basil but each one was won over after the first sip. Everyone loved them and asked for the recipe. Serve at your next summer gathering!" -Angelawhocooks

"I made these all last summer and now that the days are getting longer and warmer - I can't wait to whip up another batch. These were a hit with all my guests and I gave out the recipe each and every time." -kathyb825

"I have served this three times to rave review. The only change I made is adding a splash of club soda which just makes it a little lighter tasting. Yummm-O!" -SaraBusse

Blueberry-Mint Frozen Gimlet

Blueberry-Mint Frozen Gimlet

Dazzle guests (or yourself) with this made-to-order icy gimlet that actually couldn't be easier. This recipe was developed for the Magic Bullet--that inexpensive blender that whips up one drink at a time. If you don't have one, you can easily use a regular blender; just start with 2/3 cup ice and add more as needed. Go for bagged, small-piece ice over large, hard chunks. Get the recipe here.

Orange-Infused Rum Gimlets

Orange-Infused Rum Gimlets

If you're the type who enjoys citrus and sunshine, this bright, easy-sipping orange and lime gimlet is your new BFF. You can find the recipe here.

Lemon Verbena Gimlet Cocktails

Lemon Verbena Gimlet Cocktails

Bruising, or partially crushing, the verbena leaves helps draw out its essential oils in this 5-star, dazzling gimlet recipe. Substitute vodka for gin, if you prefer, but we're all about gin's botanical flavors. If you make this cocktail before you intend to serve, wait until it's time party to stir in the club soda so that the drink stays fizzy. Get the recipe here and see below why our users are giving this one rave reviews.

"The perfect way to use some of my HUGE verbena plant. This drink is very refreshing. It's great to have simple syrup on hand to make a quick batch and socialize on the porch with neighbors. I served this to my book club and it was a hit. I'm planning on serving this again tonight-tastes like summer. I have made this with vodka and lemons (because of an abundance of lemons on the tree) and it is wonderful." -teafortwo

"Very light and refreshing. I didn't have verbena, so used mint. Otherwise, followed the recipe. Perfect Father's Day drink on the patio. Served it in oversize martini glasses with a sprig of mint. Beautiful!" -dgitlin612

"This recipe is very tasty. I have a thriving crop of lemon verbena and searched out a recipe to use the bounty. I made the cocktail with lemon juice as I had no limes on hand. The drink was just the right combination of sweet and tart and the lemon verbena was able to shine through. I served it over ice in a wine glass." -nnaul66

"This drink for summer has it all. It is refreshing, beautiful and festive. We used vodka since we are not gin fans. Even my husband who does not usually drink vodka gave this an A+ rating. We served it over ice in large red wine glasses." -nancyclay