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Wine at the beach. Wine at the pool. Wine on the porch. Wine at the BBQ. Wine at the park. Your wine-drinking options are literally endless thanks to canned wines, like the ones were currently sipping on from Lila Wines.

We recently taste-tested their three available flavors (Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Pinot Grigio) and although we were less than impressed at the overall flavor and body of the wine, we can't discredit the obvious convenience factor here. These bright, bold, and slim cans are begging to be packed for the pool. And if you're not a beer girl (or guy), they might be your new go-to summer sippers.


Our biggest anxiety before trying them was that they'd taste like aluminum. Lila claims to specially-engineer the cans with a thicker wall in order to preserve the flavor of traditional bottled wine, but several of our editors still noticed a slightly sour, off aftertaste on certain varieties.

The cans come in packs of 4, and each 8.4-oz can is equivalent to two servings of wine. Four-packs are available for $15.99 each, landing them at a super-reasonable price point if you do the math--you're getting each serving of wine for $2. In terms of health specs: the wines are gluten-free, contain no added sugar, and weigh in at 110 calories per 5 fluid ounces.

If you're a die-hard believer that wine was not made for cans, we get it (and would usually agree with you). But given their ease and portability, they might just have a place on the market.

In short: If you're a sommelier, you'll hate them (and I'm sorry you're having to suffer through this post). If you're a wine enthusiast, you may turn your nose up at them but will secretly be attracted to their practicality --that said, you'll still reach for the bottle if given the choice. And if you know nothing about wine but just like the idea of sipping Rosé poolside, this one's all you.

Here's our breakdown of the flavors, in order of our favorite to least:


#1. Rosé: Our favorite of the three.

The cans are adorable, and the flavor is dry, light, and crisp. If you're not a fan of sweet wines, this one will be your pick. Did we mention we love the packaging? It's appealing, but discreet--i.e. it's pretty but doesn't scream, "I'm drinking booze out of a can at my kid's little league game."

#2. Pinot Grigio: Mellow and refreshing.

The Pinot is fairly decent considering it came out of a can. We've certainly tasted worse coming out of a bottle. One editor said she'd accept it for free but wouldn't go out to buy the stuff. "It's OK--not something I would drink on a daily basis but would definitely use in place of bottled wine if I couldn't take a bottle with me."

#3. Sauvignon Blanc: Gulping required. . .

The Sauvignon Blanc was given lots of thumbs down. It's harshly acidic, and no one wanted to finish off the can (the dregs = awful). Also, it smells weird. The packaging is still lovely, though. If that counts for anything.