Yesterday, we told you what aquafaba is, and now it's time to learn a fun way to use it. Although usually the first thoughts to use an egg white replacer is in desserts, egg whites are also common in mixed drinks to give them a nice body and foamy top.

We took two cocktail recipes that required egg whites and made the original recipe along with an aquafaba version to see how the egg-free option compared. We replaced each large egg white with 3 tablespoons of un-foamed aquafaba. It gets plenty foamy in the cocktail shakers, trust us.

Egg whites (left) and aquafaba (right)

Egg whites (left) and aquafaba (right)

Our first attempt was a pom clover club. We made them both exactly the same and the egg white version came out significantly foamier, sweeter, and paler than the aquafaba drink. The aquafaba drink definitely had a stronger flavor which allowed you to really taste each individual ingredient that went in.

Aquafaba (left) and egg whites (right)

Aquafaba (left) and egg whites (right)

The second drink was a green grape pisco sour. Surprisingly both were equally foamy and the aquafaba came out a bit cloudier this time. Same as before though, the egg white version was much sweeter/milder while the strong tastes of lime and green grapes shone through in the one with aqaufaba.

The verdict: Both are good choices for cocktails. They function practically the same, but the aquafaba is a great option for vegans, those with egg allergies, or anyone worried about consuming raw eggs. Just be aware that cocktails may not be as sweet as originally intended, so adjust ingredients accordingly.

So as to not waste anything, we used the aquafaba from a can of chickpeas for the drinks and then blended the beans themselves into two types of hummus, traditional and roasted red pepper. This is the perfect combo of snacks and drinks for a simplistic (and egg-free) cocktail party.


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