I was lucky enough to spend this past Memorial Day Weekend at a gorgeous lake house on Smith Lake. My fellow intern and cubicle neighbor, Madoline, invited me to her house with promises of swimming, boating, jet skiing, and plenty of eating.

Well, she didn’t disappoint.

As soon as I pulled up on Saturday afternoon (after a bit of a detour resulting from complete lack of attention on the highway and missing my exit by about 10 miles) lunch was served!


A smoked gouda and pear Panini – simply delicious.

And for dessert?


A chocolate raspberry cupcake with probably the best icing I have ever tasted.

After lunch the sun finally poked through the clouds and we quickly changed into our bathing suits and went down to the dock. After hours of boating, swimming, jet skiing, and sunbathing we decided it was time to eat again!


Madoline had made a delicious sangria earlier in the day and it was sitting in the fridge waiting for us.


A feta spread was also awaiting our return, recipe courtesy of celebrity chef Cat Cora.


We then made an absolutely delicious grilled veggie pasta dish with a balsamic vinegar sauce called End-of-Summer Pasta (ok, so I know this weekend celebrates the beginning of summer, but it was too tasty for me to care!)


And yes, I had seconds.

And for dessert?


Fresh kiwi sorbet! It tasted exactly like a kiwi, only it was cold and melty, so delicious.

Luckily, Madoline and I found the perfect way to work off some of that food…