Strap your Manolos on tight, ladies, we've got a cocktail that's red carpet ready and the perfect way to begin the weekend of the long-awaited Sex and the City movie. It's called a Sweet Jubilee, and while it may be full of fun and fruity flavors, the result is anything but sweet.

We made the drink at a recent after-hours staff gathering and had a very serious tasting. After meticulously measuring its quality, legs, and body, we tossed out the score cards and poured everyone a second round.

Make a batch for your next appetizer party. The unique combination of ingredients, including jalapeño pepper, sake, and dark cherries, perfectly balances where all you taste is a fresh and delightfully fruity beverage that's perfectly suited for all tastes. You can't, however, taste the alcohol, so pour with caution, and enjoy!

Sweet Jubilee (Created by Bombay Sapphire's Master Mixologist James Moreland)

Step 1: Mash one quarter of a thinly-sliced green apple with 12 dark cherries, and a few little slices of jalapeño (you can always add more, to taste) with four heaping teaspoons of raw sugar.

Step 2: Squeeze in the juice of one lemon (Be sure to catch the seeds!)

Step 3: Add 2 ounces of sake and 2 ounces of gin (we tested with Bombay Sapphire Gin--yummy)

Serve chilled or over ice in martini glasses and strain before serving. We served ours over ice with a little of the fruit left in, so it tasted like a zestier sangria. (Makes 2 rockin cocktails)

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel