As a traveler, an avid reader, and a self-proclaimed foodie, I'd like to consider myself pretty open-minded, and I have always prided myself on my "I'll try anything once!" attitude - especially when it came to anything culinary. That approach had to shift a bit when I decided to cut meat from my diet; now I have more of an "I'll try anything that doesn't walk" approach to food. But, believe it or not, being meat-free hasn't hindered my culinary adventures and sometimes it even leads me further off what some may consider the "conventional" food path and I end up discovering something truly delicious.Just this weekend I was flipping through some extremely tasty vegetarian recipes and was inspired to explore the world of non-dairy milk. What I discovered was something completely unique and foreign to me - and did I mention delicious?! - almond milk.

With a creamy consistency, smooth unobtrusive flavor, and mildly nutty aftertaste, almond milk was a wonderfully delicious surprise that went perfectly over my morning cereal. There was none of the chalkiness or bean-y aftertaste prone to soy and rice milks, and it even has fewer calories and less sugar per serving than regular milk!

After a little bit of research I found that almond milk can be used in many recipes as a vegan milk substitute and, although I'm not yet ready to replace the milk in my morning tea, with its delicious flavor and impressive nutritional benefits almond milk may have found itself a new home - my morning cereal bowl!