This season is all about using bright and fresh ingredients, including what you put into that clinking cocktail glass. One wonderful trend is to use elderflower liqueur to add a glittering touch of flavor to your next cocktail. Elderflowers are small, white, and grow from a stalk into tight clusters that form an umbrella shape. These flowers get their trademark fragrance and color from the pollen.

Besides the leaves, branches, and roots, which are all considered fairly toxic, the flowers are another story entirely. Ironically, for centuries the flowers themselves have boasted plenty of good-for-you benefits, such as being an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and immune system booster to name a few. Elderflowers are probably most widely known for their pleasant lemony and grassy fragrance that practically emits the feel of summer to all who pass by its blooms. It's no wonder that people eventually bottled it up to enjoy in their favorite cocktails as well.


When looking for elderflower liqueurs at the store, there are a few notable brands to look out for. One is the French-made St. Germain, a relatively new liqueur that hit shelves in 2007. Another brand is St. Elder, a US-made liqueur with origins in Massachusetts. These liqueurs take full advantage of the flavors of elderflower and make a perfect addition to any summery cocktail. However, if you have access to an elder bush and the DIY bug has caught you, you can always make your own. Combining an elderflower liqueur into these stellar cocktails creates a fresh, light, and floral sip that can be enjoyed again and again. Check out our picks of great elderflower cocktails below.

You know, for when we want to feel royal for a few minutes while kicking back on the front porch.

Utilize some fresh fruit in the glass for a really sophisticated look to this bubbly.

St. Germain Fizzy

This glass gets mixed with some whiskey, such as Gentleman Jack, giving this cocktail it's punchy name.

Jacques The Elder Cocktail

Plenty of floating melon pieces make this fruity beverage the ultimate refresher. Fill up the pitcher and let everyone enjoy.

Summer Melon Rose Sangria

With a sassy name and fresh appearance, this cocktail is ready for its close up. Topped with a fresh sprig of thyme (hello, porch herb garden) and accompanied by a splash of elderflower liqueur, this tequila cocktail is ready to be the accompaniment to your summer.

Thyme for Mezcal

Grapefruit offers that bit of a tang with a citrus punch that's the perfect antidote to the summer heat.

Grapefruit Elderflower Cocktail

When life gives you lemons.... add elderflower and make a boozy lemonade!

Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade

Garnished with a fresh sprig of rosemary and a lemon wedge, this southern cocktail has no shortage of southern charm.

For a more sophisticated drink, add elderflower liqueur to a sturdy glass of dry rose and add in a splash of soda.

La Vie en Elderflower

For a backyard party, fill a the punch bowl with plenty of fresh slices of fruit and let everyone fill their glasses. To keep this cocktail chilled for as long as possible, use a bundt pan or ring mold to create an ice ring instead of using smaller ice cubes. It melts much more slowly.

Sunset’s Spring Punch

See how easy it is to use a bundt pan to create that perfect ice ring for this punch, as well as for plenty of other great kitchen hacks this summer.