And we’re not just talking about a rotisserie chicken.

We know that cooking dinner every night isn’t always feasible. You’ve combed through all of the single-skillet dinners, sheet pan suppers, and even no-cook 20 minute meals, but nothing is easy enough for the weeknights when you just can’t. Even if you’re fairly well stocked on supermarket staples, sometimes turning to the deli counter for a full feast you can throw on the table as soon as you get home is what you need. And if we’re being honest, a rotisserie chicken doesn’t always cut it.

But the deli counter has a hidden gem you might not know about, and that’s the family meal deal. Not every supermarket offers one, and even some of these chains may vary in offerings and price depending on location, but it’s always worth checking in with your favorite grocery store for similar special deals. We’re talking about getting that rotisserie chicken dinner upgraded with sides, desserts, and bread rolls or fresh proteins paired with healthy salads at a price tag far cheaper than a night out with the entire family. Here are our favorite supermarket family meal deals you should know about.

Fresh Market

We do love the lunch specials at Fresh Market, but the dinner deal is where it’s really at. Opt for the little big meals which feature a rotating main with sides and dessert. This week’s meal at our local Fresh Market is four burgers with watermelon, a side, and cookies all for $20. If you’re exceptionally short on time/energy, you can always grab Fresh Market’s meals in minutes which are bagged and read to microwave as soon as you get home.


Though they offer a wide range of family-sized sushi and soup options at the deli counter, you can also snag an 8-piece chicken with rolls and two sides for $12.99. Plus, Kroger now offers online ordering and delivery for anytime meals.


Snag a family pack in the prepared food department featuring dinnertime favorites like sushi, sesame chicken with vegetable lo mein, lemon garlic chicken breasts, and family pack sized side dishes. You can also pick up the sub shop family deal featuring two large subs with soup or a bag of chips and cookies.


We’ve noted that we’re not entirely sold on the rotisserie chicken at Costco, but their $10 pizza comes in clutch for a quick family dinner.

Whole Foods Market

Your Amazon Alexa can order Whole Foods delivery, but the real magic is at the Whole Foods Market prepared food section. You can order family meals which usually include a main like lasagna, burritos, or meatloaf with a family sized salad, all for under $20.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Head over to the deli counter at your local Sprouts Farmers Market for one-pan Asian-inspired meals or dive into their family meal combo. The combination is just $11.99 and includes chicken, two sides, French bread, and a gallon of tea.


All ShopRite locations are offering family meal kits for the month of September to encourage dining together. The kits ate $12 a piece and include meals like chicken thighs with broccoli and cauliflower or turkey meatloaf with spinach and butternut squash.


Instead of your usual Pubsub at the Publix deli counter, check out the supermarket chain’s combo meals. The deli family combo meal includes chicken with two sides and rolls, but you can also snag the grab-and-go smoked rib dinner, smoked chicken, or pulled pork dinner.