Daily Indulgence: August 2017

Satisfy your cravings with decadent recipes including chocolate desserts, impressive cakes and pies, and rich main dishes.

Millennial Pink Lemonade Pie

Photo: Darcy Lenz


Millennial Pink Lemonade Pie

Love it, hate it, or over it, nobody can deny that the color, ubiquitously deemed millennial pink across the Internet, is quite eye-catching and completely appropriate for springtime. And in honor of what seems to be the shade of the moment, we created this all-pink-everything pie. One important thing to note when making this bright and cheery dessert, you will definitely want to go with gel food colorings—instead of the standard liquid dyes you’ll typically find on the baking aisle of supermarkets—as these are a higher quality, more concentrated product that allows you to achieve more intense color, using less. Not to mention, they add significantly less moisture to the food you’re mixing them in to (which is key in this pie scenario). We like to use Wilton’s icing colors, which are a concentrated gel paste that you can find at most craft stores or specialty kitchen shops.