An investigation into the limits of stuf.
Credit: Fajrul Islam/Getty Images

Oreos are, by far, my favorite grocery store aisle cookie. They're perfect little sandwiches of chocolate and cream (i.e. creme), available everywhere, and never unwelcome at the office or at a party. They're not fussy, they're just delicious, and they come in a wide variety of intriguing flavorrs that you can either try or ignore entirely, depending on your mood and personal Oreo philosphy. So when I heard rumor of an upcoming Most Stuf Oreo, an Oreo that dared break the bounds of Double Stuf and Triple Stuf, I was intrigued, but also forced to confront the question that Oreo fans have had since the dawn of cookie: How much stuf is too much stuf?

I am a big fan of the Oreo cream filling, a.k.a. stuf, but even I have my limits. As a kid, I would scrape the stuf from inside regular-sized Oreos and stack it in between two cookies, discarding the cookie outers, until I reached a Dagwood-style Oreo sandwich of terrifying proportions. It was through this scientific method that I came to the conclusion that, indeed, you could have way too much filling per cookie, and that the ratio starts to become unbearably sweet about four to five cream fillings in. So you can see why I approached the Most Stuf Oreos cookies with hope, but also trepidation. I have been burned by stuf before.

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But when the package arrived on my desk, I was glad to see that even though the Most Stuf Oreos do, indeed, sport a lot of cream between two cookies, but it isn't the mind-bendingly impossible amount that I was envisioning from the press announcement. It is not an impossible amount of filling, merely a generous amount. I would say it's roughly equivalent to three or four regular fillings stacked together. Does it squidge out a bit when you eat it? Yeah, it does, but you don't need to wear a poncho to eat it in fear of Stuf spashes, either. And unlike regular oreos, the ratio of cream filling in the Most Stuf meant that I only wanted, tops, two cookies, rather than going through four or five in search of satisfying my stuf-tooth. All in all, it's a reasonable thing for something that could be extremely unreasonable.

The Most Stuf Oreos are available for a limited time, but it's unclear how limited, so snatch them up when you see them if you're interested in the right Stuf. The cookie is also having a sweepstakes called "the stuf inside" between February 4 and March 6 in which your cookie could win you a variety of prizes, ranging from a pop socket to a Jeep Wrangler. So just another excuse to give your local cookie aisle a thorough browse the next time you're grocery shopping.