These three prepared cookie doughs bake into treats you’d swear were homemade.
JUST Cookie Dough
Credit: Courtesy of JUST

I really love cookie dough. I’ve spent many trips to ice cream shops opting for cookie dough over more exciting flavors and many nights in college trying to concoct the perfect edible cookie dough for movie nights. On more than one occasion, I have tucked into a container of cookie dough solo (potentially while writing this story). I consider any combination of butter and chocolate kind of my passion.

Unfortunately, raw cookie dough has a bit of a bad reputation. Likely because the flour and eggs can lead to some pretty nasty foodborne illnesses. We’ve developed a few options for edible and bakeable cookie dough and even a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough for one, but we’ve yet to find a cookie dough recipe or package that offers a dairy-free and egg-free indulgence we’re stoked about. Especially one that also bakes into perfect cookies. That is until now.

Popular plant-based brand JUST, formerly known as Hampton’s Creek and most famous for their vegan Just Mayo, released a line of vegan cookie dough products that seemed too good to be true. The Just cookie dough comes in three flavor varieties: chocolate chip, birthday cake, and chocolate mint. Each are available in either a 14-ounce or a portable 1.6-ounce jar. The product is advertised as egg-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The packaging suggests you “eat it raw,” but there are baking instructions if you choose to take that route. Intrigued, we called them in for a taste (someone’s gotta do it).

The brightly colored containers listed totally normal ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, chocolate chips, palm shortening, and, canola oil. One spoonful of the raw stuff, and we weren’t overly impressed. It was really sweet, and not quite as comforting as a container of Toll House (but still totally edible). So, we grabbed an ice cream scoop and started prepping cookie dough on a cookie sheet for baking. We baked off the cookies for 11 minutes at 375 degrees, and then let them sit to cool completely. The cookies fresh out of the oven looked like warm dough, which was logistically inedible, but hardened just enough once cooled. Then, we rounded up our office cookie-lovers and got to tasting these vegan goodies.

vegan chocolate mint cookies
Credit: Arielle Weg

Arielle Weg

Mint Chocolate

These brownie-like cookies were ultra fudgy and doughy. The gooey center was downright delightful, and the mint flavor was super subtle and not overpowering at all. One taster even noted they tasted homemade and offered the perfect balance of chocolate and mint.

Vegan birthday cake
Credit: Arielle Weg

Arielle Weg

Birthday Cake

For vegan cookies, these were exceptionally buttery and rich. This variety baked the best of the bunch, ending with perfectly crispy, browned edges and a soft center. One editor said, “I think the masses would love these. They’re super buttery and delightful.” Another noted the delicate and delicious vanilla flavor.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies
Credit: Arielle Weg

Arielle Weg

Chocolate Chip

Though there was debate among the staff as to which was the favorite vegan cookie, the plate of chocolate chip cookies was long gone when the tasting was complete (so, there’s your answer). We were definitely impressed by the super chocolatey perfection of these cookies. The edges came out nice and crispy, and the center stayed gooey and packed with melty chocolate.

None of us follow a strictly vegan diet here, but we would definitely pick up a container of this prepared dough in the future. Whether it be for a vegan friend coming to a party, or just to have on hand for a night of digging in—we’re here for this vegan cookie dough.