Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.
Fried Eggs with yogurt
Credit: Sara Tane

My go-to, running out the door breakfast is always eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast. Sometimes I fry them, scramble them, or whip up a quick breakfast sandwich. It’s easy, fast, and always delicious. But, when I’m looking to mix things up (or when I run out of bread), I tend to turn to my trusty eggs and yogurt. It’s a dish I’ve made over and over again, yet somehow, it’s something most people I talk to haven’t tried.

When I recently posted a photo to my Instagram of runny, crispy-edged eggs plated over a blanket of creamy Greek yogurt, my inbox was suddenly flooded with friends questioning the dish. Eggs and yogurt? How? We’ve talked about using Greek yogurt in savory dishes before, but it seems the trend hasn’t quite caught on. Plenty of recipes already top salmon with yogurt, dip chicken skewers in spicy yogurt sauce, and fill gyros with the creamy stuff, so why can’t we eat our eggs with it too? I would argue you can, and should.

Eggs and Yogurt
Credit: Arielle Weg

Arielle Weg

I have reason to believe the concept of eggs on yogurt has its roots in Mediterranean cuisine (just Google yogurt and eggs), but I was exposed to this idea by my dad, a hardcore NPR devotee. In one episode of Fresh Air, cookbook author Julia Turshen shared her tips for cooking simple and satisfying meals. Specifically, she shared her recipe for perfectly fried eggs. Turshen said she heats olive oil in a nonstick pan and drops in an egg. She then adds a few drops of water into the pan and covers it, so the egg steams a bit from the top and fries on the bottom. Then, she mixes plain yogurt with lemon juice and salt, spreads it over a plate, and tops it with the egg. Finally, she sprinkles on some herbs and digs in.

The way I’ve come to make my morning eggs with yogurt is fairly similar. (I skip the steaming step, but it comes out delicious either way if you want to give it a go.) As my eggs fry, I’ll mix about a half lemon’s worth of juice with ¼ cup of full-fat, plain Greek yogurt and spread that on a plate. Then, I top the yogurt with fried eggs and finish them with salt, pepper, red chili flakes, and any herbs I have on hand. You’d be surprised how delicious a runny yolk and creamy scoop of Greek yogurt can be. The combo creates a decadent, eggy, buttery sauce that’s also bright, lemony, and oh-so-good.

As a bonus, eggs on yogurt is super diet-friendly. It’s a high-protein breakfast for vegetarians, low sugar compared to sweetened yogurt and granola, and keto-approved for those looking for something low-carb. Plus, it’s adaptable to any kind of egg you like. Seriously—try it with a poached or soft boiled egg, and sprinkle on whatever herbs you have on hand. Your morning egg routine will never be quite the same.