To really enjoy eating in bed, you need the perfect breakfast in bed tray. When picking the best tray for breakfast in bed, consider your personal style, the functional needs for your space, and of course, surface area. Picking the perfect tray will make breakfast in bed a treat, rather than a disaster waiting to happen.
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Sofa Breakfast Tray

I don't buy clutter. You won't find the latest gadget in my kitchen or trend in my closet, but you will find a high-quality tray in my living room. By day, it holds books and remotes, but its off-hours job is supporting my love of breakfast (or lunch or dinner or dessert) in bed.

Before the tray, crumbs would sneak into the sheets, smears might appear on the pillowcase, and you can bet that more than one morsel was plucked from the folds of those wonderful fuzzy blankets. Thanks to the tray, my bed picnics are now contained, perfectly balanced, and way more fun.

You can pick up a basic tray at most home goods stores, but why stop there? You need the perfect tray for you and your space. Here are our favorites.

Folding White Breakfast Tray

Let's start with a classic. The Winsome Wood Bed Tray is about as standard as you can get. Fold-out legs make for easy storage and less risk of turnover toppling when you reach for the remote, because Netflix and chill when you're enjoying breakfast in bed (after locking everyone else out of the room) is literally just binge Netflix-watching and chilling with yourself and your favorite bagel. Which you 100% deserve. Ya know what they say, honey. Winsome, lose some.

Hot Cold Breakfast Tray

I can't decide if this Oven-to-Table Tray is brilliant or a disaster waiting to happen. You can heat or chill the core, meaning you could theoretically create slab ice cream from the comfort of your bedroom, or you could end up with a nasty burn from trying to cook raw meat on a searing hot stone while your bunny slippers hide their eyes in fear. This tray probably works best on your dining room table, but if can keep my coffee warm longer, I'm game to try it.


Silver Breakfast Tray

Minimalists need breakfast in bed, too. This super compactable Portable Breakfast Table Bed Tray holds way more than a coffee and a donut. You can full-on work from bed with this bad boy. As the makers claim, "Perfect for working, playing, reading, snacking and camping." What else could a girl want?

Duo Breakfast Tray

This might be the prefect tray. The Soup and Sandwich Cermaic Tray Duo holds everything you need, except your coffee cup. If you're one to balance your plate on your knees, do yourself a favor and grab this more-stable option. We like it for oatmeal and quiche, or French toast if you aren't afraid of bring syrup near your sheets.

Techie Breakfast Tray

Hardcore about your breakfast in bed game? The Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray comes with a storage tray, so you can keep up with your work (or gossip mag) while enjoying a minimum of two screens. Plus, it's pretty and folds up real nice. It's basically a nightstand without the commitment.

Sofa Breakfast Tray

Because sometimes your couch is a bed. For all those brave souls who have lost the battle of balancing the popcorn bowl or coffee mug on the arm of your couch, the Couch Arm Table is for you. Also, it's pretty much the best white elephant gift ever.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel