In a surprising turn of events, our staff uncovered the lyric video to Katy Perry's new smash hit, "Chained to the Rhythm," and to say we are all thoroughly tickled by it is a huge understatement. This unexplainable and seemingly random lyric video features tiny food, the weird new trend where a life-size hand prepares food that's a tenth of its size. Why? We have no idea. Whether you're a pop culture aficionado or not, this is definitely a must-see video.
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Now that all the excitement from the Grammy’s has started to calm back down, the best way for us to get our daily pop culture fix is from none other than our old and trusted friend, YouTube. In effort to liven up a morning meeting while also assuring that every attendee was receiving proper Top 40 nourishment, we decided to pull up our cherry-chapstick loving girl, Katy Perry. She’s been quiet for a little while, but she’s back, and she’s got herself a chart-topping banger if we do say so ourselves.

Upon discovering that there is no official music video available, and since we already have her live performance from the Grammy’s ingrained into our heads, we thought we’d give the lyric video a spin. Given the fact that these videos are usually a karaoke-style blank screen with plain lyric text, we didn’t have any hopes or expectations for the cinematic masterpiece that would soon follow. What would follow, none of us saw coming, and we’re all better off now that we have witnessed it.

The opening shot features a cute, pristine kitchen. Nothing to see here. Until suddenly, a human hand enters and it is about the same size as the refrigerator. No……….but…….they didn’t…….yes…..the lyric video is about TINY FOOD. Why is this weird, unnecessary fad so soothing and interesting to watch? We may never know. What relevance does it have to Katy Perry’s new heart-pumping, infectious pop beat? None, whatsoever. Are we mad that we just gave four minutes of our undivided attention to this oddly satisfying lyric video that Katy Perry has probably never seen in her life? Hell no.

It’s tough to say exactly what the lead chef in this video was making, but the hands in this video clearly know their way around the kitchen. At 1:09, what appears to be a head of cabbage is sliced into, and we agreed that it might be the best thing we’ve seen on the internet in a good while. After Katy’s second chorus is through and Skip Marley’s verse enters, a little mouse in front of his mini TV enjoys this gourmet meal. Who is this mouse and why is this happening? By this point in the lyric, we just have to accept what is happening and stop asking questions.

Basically, we found a really great gem on YouTube this morning hiding under the mask of a chart-topping hit, and we felt it was our civic duty to make sure that the world is aware of this treat that is available to your viewing pleasures at any time. If somebody would care to explain the tiny food trend to us, we’re all ears, but until then, we are Chained to the Rhythm.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane